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The Best AI-Based Apps Developed by Regular Teens

Teenagers are passionate technology consumers in the modern digital era, but they are also inventors and innovators. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance, many bright young people are using their talents to create ground-breaking applications. These young businesspeople are redefining what it means to be a “regular teenager” by using AI to tackle challenging real-world issues and make a difference in society. This post will highlight some of the best AI-based apps created by exceptional young people between the ages of 13 and 16 during our recent hackathon.


CounseLink is an AI-powered mental health software that was created by a group of middle school kids with the goal of assisting users in managing their emotional wellbeing. The software analyzes user input using natural language processing to provide individualized recommendations for stress management methods, mindfulness exercises, and self-care routines. CounseLink is a useful tool for boosting teen mental health because of its user-friendly interface and sympathetic design.


An AI program called CO2Green was developed by a group of youngsters who were concerned about the environmental problems our planet was facing. Its goal is to promote sustainable lifestyles. Users of CO2Green can recognize and classify actions according to their carbon footprint by using computer vision and machine learning techniques. Additionally, it includes details on nearby recycling facilities and advice for users on how to lessen their carbon footprint, assisting them in making eco-friendly decisions throughout their everyday lives.


MasterPlan is an AI-based scheduling app that was created by a group of ambitious teens who were aware of the difficulties in juggling work and personal obligations. MasterPlan employs machine learning algorithms to comprehend the preferences and weekly routines of its users. The system then creates customized weekly plans, recommends pertinent things to prioritize, and even shows a percentage bar to show progress on each activity that has been scheduled. Users may maximize their time and create a better work-life balance using MasterPlan.


A group of socially minded youngsters developed the AI-powered software Bright, which is built on inclusive technology. The app is made to help visually impaired people live more full and independent lives. Bright assists people in reading spoken text from physical text by using computer vision and speech recognition. Bright’s mission is to tear down barriers and give people with vision impairments the tools they need to live more independently.

Papa Bucks

Developing Papa Bucks, an AI program that helps improve financial savviness and encourage healthy financial behaviors, was done by a group of entrepreneurial teens in response to the urgent problem of financial illiteracy. Papa Bucks analyzes customers’ spending and savings objectives using machine learning to recommend less expensive ways to spend. Additionally, it promptly reminds users to take advantage of good bargains and promotions before they end. Papa Bucks wants to encourage wiser consumption and help alleviate needless financial pressures.

These apps demonstrate the youthful imagination, inventiveness, and passion, demonstrating that there are no age restrictions on innovation. It is encouraging to see young people actively influencing the future of technology at a time when we are seeing the advent of AI in our everyday lives. These everyday teenagers are making an enduring impact on the world via their imaginative thinking and dedication to social problems, serving as a constant reminder that everyone has the ability to affect change, regardless of age.

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