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The Best 7 AI Tools Will Save You Over 24 Hours Each Week

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being utilized to increase productivity by automating various processes as its capabilities continue to develop. It’s time to automate and delegate if you find yourself spending too much time on repetitive chores that don’t call for your creativity. These seven artificial intelligence applications can help you save a tonne of time every week so you can concentrate on more crucial duties.

We have discussed seven of these top solutions for automating your daily, repetitive work in this blog post. Every professional, business owner, etc., can use these tools.

1. Flowrite

is a technology that makes writing business-like emails possible in minutes as opposed to hours. The AI will create a flawless email for you; all you need to do is tell it what to say. It provides AI-powered templates for a range of employment roles, such as hiring, marketing, and sales.

Pricing: There is a free trial available, and pro plans have monthly costs of $4 and $12.

2. tl;dv

You may wave goodbye to the chaos of multitasking during virtual meetings using tl;dv. You may concentrate on the conversation by using this program to automate the note-taking process.

Cost: It is free and comes with an easy-to-use Chrome plugin.

3. Github Copilot

With GitHub Copilot, you can combine preconfigured modules to create entire functionalities in real-time. The algorithm can convert natural language prompts into coding recommendations for a variety of programming languages after being trained on billions of lines of public code. It is an essential tool for any programmer or software developer.

Pricing: Individual plans start at $10 per month, while business subscriptions cost $19 per month.

4. Copy AI

Use Copy AI to unleash your creativity and produce engaging content! You can easily develop attractive websites, sales funnels that convert well, blog pieces that grab readers’ attention, email campaigns that persuade, and more using Copy AI.

Pricing: $36 per month for Pro plans, plus a free tier.

5. StockImg

is a generative artificial intelligence program that can create book covers, stock photos, logos, and much more. Just enter your concept, and watch as amazing outcomes are produced.

Pricing: The pro plans’ free tier is $19 a month.

6. Grammarly

It’s an AI-powered writing assistance that guarantees error-free writing. In real time, it fixes errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. In addition, it offers tone and style recommendations, identifies plagiarism, and includes a function called GrammarlyGO that helps you create material that is consistent with your writing style.

Cost: The pro plan and the free plan begin at $12 a month.

7. Durable

In just 20 seconds, you can use Durable to create a fully functional, interactive, visually stimulating, and responsive website. Enter the name of your business and a few easy instructions, then watch the magic unfold.

Pricing: The pro plan costs $20 per month, while the beginning plan is $12.

We hope this blog post was enjoyable for you to read.

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