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Ten Free Templates for HTML Landing Pages

If you work in the marketing or development field, you are undoubtedly familiar with landing pages and understand how crucial they are for increasing traffic, enhancing SEO, and developing your brand.

A landing page is an independent webpage designed specifically for marketing and advertising campaigns that aim to raise awareness of your brand.

Put differently, a landing page is an independent or stand-alone webpage that you land on after clicking on a marketing email, online ad, or promotion. Some names for it include squeeze page, lead capture page, destination page, static page, and single property page.

A landing page suffices if you are prepared to introduce the good or service you have spent months or years creating. A landing page will help you achieve your objectives and increase conversion rates whether you are selling digital services, eBooks, online courses, or anything else.

Making an eye-catching landing page therefore becomes crucial. Nonetheless, creating a visually appealing and well-organized landing page is extremely difficult. There are numerous aspects to consider, including copy, images, and design.

Thankfully, you don’t have to start from scratch when building a landing page for your brand. You might choose to use free HTML landing page templates in its place.

It is now natural for you to wonder, “Why only HTML templates?” This is a result of the lightweight and speedy nature of HTML landing pages. Furthermore, the de-facto language for building web pages is HTML.

We have put together a list of some of the top free HTML landing page templates in this blog. All you have to do is make a landing page for yourself and add your content. The templates We have included below work with a wide range of goods, apps, instruments, and services.

Ten No-Cost HTML Landing Page Designs for Your Company


Cruip.com offers a free HTML landing page template called April that is perfect for startups. This HTML template was first created for use with data analytics software. However, it is now appropriate for a broad range of software, startup products, and web apps.

The best thing is that you don’t need to make separate landing pages for a website on different devices because this HTML template works on all of them. With just one setup, you can achieve amazing outcomes on all devices.

This HTML template tops my list because of its easy-to-use interface and extensive customization options. It is an excellent option for showcasing user reviews, application features, and many other uses because it has easy navigation and a variety of coded elements.

2. Solid

Solid is an additional free HTML template available for startups on Cruip.com. The template is straightforward, as seen in the image above, with a dark theme that highlights tech items. It is more visually striking with 3D illustrations and a vibrant complementary color scheme.

This HTML template was created specifically for SaaS products, online tools, and digital services. It is simple to modify to meet the requirements of your product and has a responsive design. Additional noteworthy features include easily customizable hero placeholders, pricing tabs that are ready to use, and multipurpose iconography.

3. Shade

FinestDevs offers a free HTML landing page template called Shade. Shade eliminates the need for coding and landing page design; all you have to do is modify the text, images, and colors to get started!

Shade might seem like a single HTML template to you. However, you are not correct. It is an assortment of HTML landing page templates for a variety of uses, including software, apps for smartphones and tablets, websites, SaaS subscriptions, SaaS apps, and more.

Only a select few, namely the software, mobile application, web application, and SaaS subscription, are free to use.

Because Shade landing page templates are editable, you can make a landing page that perfectly represents your company.

4. DevBook

DevBook is a free HTML landing page template designed for books and eBooks by 3rd Wave Media. This template is a great option if you are a developer or programmer who wants to publish your own books and sell them online.

Because white is the landing page’s primary color, this template makes the most of negative space to draw attention to it.

Because this landing page is compatible with Gumroad, you can handle book payment and delivery with ease. Because it’s a customizable template, you can arrange the content to suit your aesthetic.

You can include anything you want on your landing page, including book features, newsletter signups, client endorsements, selling points, and much more.

5. Simple

Bootstrapdash offers a responsive, user-friendly, contemporary, and versatile landing page template that is easy to use. But its main application is in the creation of landing pages for SEO and digital marketing services.

Visitors are immediately drawn in by the clean color scheme and understated yet elegant design of this one-page template.

The template’s name itself sums it up. Landing pages should be straightforward in the sense that they are simple to use and simple to set up. It won’t take long to set up this landing page.

Despite its simplicity, you can alter it to suit your needs and make any necessary changes at your convenience.

6. Snap

Another free HTML landing page template that is responsive is called Snap, and it is perfect for startups and agencies that want to sell their goods online. Furthermore, the main target audience for this template is game developers who want to establish an online presence.

Snap includes a Sass file with more than ten color schemes, so you can customize it to suit your brand’s needs. The Bootstrap 4 framework was used in the creation of this template. The above image demonstrates how the creator fully made use of the negative space to draw attention to other elements.

There are a ton of options available to you for adding to your landing page about the game, including top features, gameplay, downloads, awards, FAQs, and testimonials.

7. Butterfly

Butterfly is an HTML template for a single landing page. Because it combines a featured section with call-to-actions and other strong portfolio elements, it is perfect for businesses and startups. It is a minimalist landing page template with a polished appearance thanks to its clear layout.

This template’s features, which include support for mobile devices, a retina-ready layout for larger screens, and compatibility for nearly all device sizes, are what make it so intriguing.

Moreover, you can alter the template to suit your requirements. You receive content design choices that you can use to showcase the team, gallery, testimonials, product, services provided and hero image arrangement. This flexible landing page template can be applied to any kind of business.

8. Hiro Agency Landing Page

One of the greatest templates for digital marketing spaces and agencies that helps them stand out from the competition is the Hiro Agency Landing Page. It enables them to market their brands with a straightforward landing page.

This template differs from others in that it offers common features and functionalities, but it does so in a unique way. This HTML landing page template helps businesses market their brands with its simple layout and tasteful color scheme.

One of the design elements that you can use to display images and videos on your website is a slider. Make use of this opportunity to promote your goods and services. Additionally, you are able to list all of your services using the listing option. Emphasize each member of your team and strive to draw in customers.

To put it briefly, this landing page template is perfect for companies or brands that want to efficiently and minimally maintain their online presence.

9. Boxer

Boxer is a one-page HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap software landing page. The use of jQuery and CSS3 animation effects give this landing page a more realistic and appealing appearance.

This landing page template is a great choice if your apps and games are about to launch. It offers every option for content design, including features for apps and games, cost, and a host of other things. You can provide your client with all the information they require.

This responsive template can be adjusted to fit screens of all sizes because it was created with the mobile-first design concept in mind. Its SEO-friendly design also raises the ranking of your website in search engine results.

The eye-catching color scheme of the template complements its elegant and uncomplicated design. It includes a great preloader and allows text and content to appear via On Scroll Animation. Lastly, you can alter it to better represent your brand thanks to its customizable nature.

10. Pilates and Yoga Landing Page

Do you own a brand that relates to fitness? If you want to be visible online, you should use this Nicepage landing template. Without a doubt, the layout and design of the template are eye-catching. You can easily alter this HTML5 template to make it the ideal representation of your fitness brand because it is fully customizable and responsive.

A Nicepage drag-and-drop editor is included with the template. Along with images and content, you can also adjust fonts, colors, layout, headers, footers, and other design elements with this editor.

To Sum It Up!

When it comes to increasing your brand’s online visibility, landing pages are essential. Making landing pages that are both attractive and effective takes time, though. Because nothing has to be created from scratch, the ready-to-use landing page templates save you a ton of time. All you have to do is adjust the text, font, colors, and other design components as needed.

The HTML landing page templates listed above are all completely responsive, fully customizable, and free to use. Selecting the option that best aligns with your brand is advised.

Wishing you luck!

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