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Ten AI Tools to Boost Your Online Income

There are almost 5000 AI tools.

However, most tools aren’t worthwhile.

Ten AI tools to help you generate income online:

  1. Tweet Hunter

You can assist your clients in growing on X if you are a skilled ghostwriter. You can utilize Tweet Hunter to help increase your client’s account as well if you have a good readership and are skilled at writing for others.


2. Taplio

If you are a ghostwriter with a large following on LinkedIn, you may use Taplio to assist clients in expanding their presence on the network.


3. Submagic

With the help of this application, you can add sound effects, B-rolls, zooms, and captions to your short-form movies to make them more engaging. This tool can make your work as a video editor go more quickly if you edit videos for clients.

Link: https://www.submagic.co/

4. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool driven by AI. Professional Canva designers may be found on Fiverr for $50 per project.


5. Notion

Of all the workspace productivity tools, Notion reigns supreme. You can charge your clients for your freelance services of creating Notion workplaces.

Link: notion.so

6. Framer

An AI-powered tool called Framer can assist you in creating stunning websites. If you have strong design and coding skills, you can create websites for customers and earn money online.

Link: https://www.framer.com/

7. Midjourney

If you have mastered Midjourney, you can then charge for your services by producing graphics for customers in need of assistance with advertisements, social media photos, and other things.


8. HeyGen

For your client, you can use this program to create faceless videos automatically. To produce the final video for your content, you must employ additional AI-powered video editing tools.

Link: https://www.heygen.com/

9. ChatGPT

AI is a useful tool for content marketers to expedite their workflows. AI is being used by a lot of digital marketers to rank their websites on Google. I think you should also add your own touch to it. Numerous independent contractors offer ChatGPT blog creation services and fast turnaround times.


10. Github Copilot

The developer’s AI coding assistance. You can work more quickly if you’re a freelance developer with several jobs by utilizing this tool or any other AI assistance of your choosing.

Link: https://github.com/features/copilot

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