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Systems Arabia and Taibah Valley Worked Together to Help Youth Upskill and Reskill

Systems Arabia, a division of Systems Limited, and Taibah Valley, a state-owned enterprise established by Taibah University, partnered to provide advanced technology training to Saudi youth who needed it. The goal of this partnership is to give Saudi Arabia’s youth access to exciting opportunities for tech education, helping to meet the country’s growing need for IT specialists with a skilled labor pool.

Systems Limited is a trailblazer in Pakistan’s IT industry. with a proven track record of four decades of solving challenging business issues through implementation. The Systems Group of Companies is a global force driving change through digital means. Systems Arabia, a Group company, began operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2022. With services covering Data, Digital Transformation, and Cloud solutions in the Telecom, Banking and Finance, and Government E-Services verticals, Systems Arabia is committed to empowering businesses.

With a focus on emerging technologies, Taibah Valley is spearheading a strong ecosystem for research, development, and innovation in Saudi Arabia. Through its Academy, this ecosystem aims to foster competitive capabilities and promote advancements across a range of disciplines. Access to a wide range of resources is made possible by Taibah Valley’s affiliation with Taibah University, which includes more than 70,000 students, 1600+ faculty members, 47 bachelor’s degree programs, 36 postgraduate degree programs, 28 colleges, and a sizable alumni community. By this empowerment, Taibah Valley takes on a pivotal role in driving change and utilizing the abilities of local talent to boost the local economy.

In the presence of the Honorable Dr. Abdulaziz Qablan Al-Sarani, President of Taibah Valley, Ms. Alhanouf Alkhayyal, Director of Taibah Valley Academy, and Toima Asghar, Group Chief HR Officer of Systems Limited, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed on August 8, 2023 by Dr. Jaber Almutairi, CEO of Taibah Valley, and Mr. Rao Hamid Khan, GM of Systems Arabia.

By developing a learning platform and utilizing the skills that the group possesses, Systems Arabia is dedicated to investing in the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through workshops, trainings, and certifications in the fields of data, digital, and cloud, faculty and students will receive technical knowledge that will enhance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s digital future.

Within the scope of this MOU, two important areas are skill development and future joint ventures. Systems Arabia will collaborate with the skilled and technologically advanced labs in Taibah Valley to offer Blockchain, Metaverse, AR, and VR solutions for competitive bidding and customer acquisition. The IT Mustakbil Training Program, which prepares professionals and graduates from a variety of educational backgrounds for careers in the IT industry, is one of the main areas of collaboration.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Systems Arabia with the goal of enabling our talented youth for both local and global IT markets,” stated Dr. Jaber Almutairi, CEO of Taibah Valley. Our country has great intellectual and learning capacities, and in order to fully realize this potential and prepare students for the corporate world, business and academia must work together. Systems Arabia and its parent company, Systems Limited, have extensive global experience operating in the telecommunications, retail, CPG, banking and financial services, and public sectors. By collaborating with such a prominent institution, Saudi Arabia’s IT sector will be able to meet the country’s growing demand for skilled labor.

“We are excited to partner with Taibah Valley with the purpose of enabling talented youth of KSA for global IT market needs and demands,” stated Rao Hamid Khan, General Manager of Systems Arabia. Developing domestic talent will lessen Saudis’ dependency on outside knowledge and open up job opportunities. The cutting-edge Blockchain, IOT, AI, AR, and VR labs in Taibah Valley will complement our extensive IT services portfolio for the Kingdom. In summary, a new era of technological advancement is upon us, and Saudi nationals will be essential to realizing Vision 2030 and creating their own digital future.

“Today marks a very exciting day when Systems is joining hands with the leading University of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to provide a unique platform to the students of Taibah University,” said Toima Asghar, Group CHRO of Systems Limited, in an announcement about the occasion. We are excited to collaborate with their talented professionals and students. In summary, we will investigate the true wealth of this country, which is found in the aspirations of its citizens and the promise of the next generation.

The director of Taibah Valley Academy, Alhanouf Alkhayyal, said, “We are very excited about our partnership with Systems Arabia. We will be able to develop human capital and provide people with the skills necessary to succeed in their fields thanks to this partnership. Through the implementation of sustainable practices and the reduction of external resource dependency, we are cultivating a workforce that is self-sufficient and equipped to meet future challenges. The development of a generation of exceptionally talented professionals who will guide the advancement of our country has been greatly aided by this collaboration.

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