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Saudi Arabia specifies the required attire for female umrah pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia has set a clothing code for women making the voluntary Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca’s sacred sites. Female pilgrims are free to choose their dress as long as it complies with rules set forth by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. These include avoiding ornamental accents and donning loose-fitting clothing that covers the full body.

The goal of the new dress code is to honor religious and cultural traditions while accommodating female pilgrims and giving them flexibility in their attire choices. In its statement, the Ministry highlighted that women can dress for the Umrah trip according to their own personal choices.

Millions of pilgrims travel to Mecca each year to do the Umrah, which is an important religious ritual for Muslims. During this Umrah pilgrimage season, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah expects roughly 10 million foreign travelers.

This new clothing code was implemented as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to adapt to shifting societal dynamics and include various cultural customs within the confines of Islamic tradition. It recognizes the significance of honoring personal preferences while upholding the ideals and tenets of the pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia has been making several reforms in recent years to enhance its tourism and pilgrimage sectors, including the introduction of e-visas and the development of tourist attractions. The dress code for female Umrah pilgrims aligns with these broader initiatives, making it easier for women to participate in this religious journey while respecting their preferences in attire.

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