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Ramiz Raja said, “Seeing Babar Azam Feels Like a Treasure Has Been Found.”

Ramiz Raja, a former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), praised Captain Babar Azam for his outstanding leadership qualities, particularly given his youth. This indicates that Ramiz Raja thinks Babar Azam has led the cricket team successfully despite having a limited amount of experience as a captain.

The host of a television program that aired in India during the World Cup made a joking remark, asking if Ramiz Raja liked Babar so much that he desired to wed him. Ramiz Raja responded by stating that his admiration for Babar was only a method to demonstrate how much he valued the cricket player and wasn’t in any way romantic in nature.

In other words, he was complimenting Babar’s abilities and accomplishments as a cricket player with strong language.

Ramiz Raja continued by praising Babar Azam’s contributions to Pakistan cricket and saying that he has raised the bar for the group. This indicates that Babar Azam’s leadership and performance have increased Pakistani cricket’s standards and expectations. Ramiz Raja further emphasized that Babar Azam is widely recognized as one of the best batsmen in the world, demonstrating that he has distinguished himself for his batting abilities in international cricket.

Ramiz Raja commended Babar Azam for his exceptional leadership despite his young and made it plain that his admiration was not romantic but rather a method to express his high esteem for Babar’s cricketing abilities. He also recognized Babar as one of the top batsmen in the world and lauded him for boosting the standard of Pakistani cricket as a whole.

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