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Quality Education for All at University of Wah

An institution of higher learning in the private sector, the University of Wah was established with the goal of providing all people with high-quality education. By instilling the universal Islamic values of truth, goodness, and service to humanity on the one hand and fostering an active research environment on the other, the University, established in 2009 by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, disseminates knowledge in the fields of engineering, basic, social, computer, and management sciences. The University is situated in the beautiful, safe, and clean Wah Cantonment, 30 kilometers from Islamabad. Wah, which has a 100% literacy rate, and Taxila, which is nearby, have historical cultures and are decorated with antiquities that were once found at temples, shrines, and archeological sites.

In the aforementioned fields, the university offers 2-year Associate Diploma, 4-year Bachelor’s, 2-year MS/MPhil, and 4-year PhD programs. Wah Engineering College (WEC) provides engineering programs leading to bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees in the disciplines of civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and mechatronics engineering. WEC also provides studies leading to a BS in technology. For female pupils, Mashal Degree College acts as a nursery.

Recent actions by the university administration to enhance the entire educational experience for students have included significant infrastructure improvements, laboratory enhancements, the expansion of sports facilities, and the introduction of PERN-II for its networked environment. The University of Wah offers top-notch student amenities, including a digital library and classrooms that are well-equipped. Male and female student dorms, recreational facilities, transportation, ATM/banking, photocopying, and other amenities are all close by. To assist staff members, a well-run and effective daycare center has been built. The University’s Placement Office-ORIC offers guidance to students at every level of their career preparation and runs a successful recruitment program in which companies and industrialists are invited to campus to hire recent graduates.

The Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) aim for institutional excellence and academic integrity is shared by University of Wah. The goal of the university’s Directorate of Quality Assurance and Enhancement is to offer direction and support to university supporters in the academic and technical areas for ongoing quality improvement. By incorporating HEC-mandated continuous process improvement techniques, particularly the Self-Assessment Process, it seeks to ensure internal quality.

The University of Wah is open to outside assessments and has successfully undergone program evaluations by HEC assessment teams, including those for the “Institutional Performance Evaluation Process,” “Post Graduate Program Review,” and “PM’s Directive for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.” University of Wah received a “W” rating from HEC for its Yearly Progress Report (YPR) score of 96.97%. The members regularly attend workshops, seminars and conferences organized by HEC to establish and sustain a transparent and creative academic environment consistent with mission of the University as well as HEC.

The University was placed eighth in Pakistan and fifth in Punjab by Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023 (including first in Punjab and second in Pakistan in SDG4 – Quality Education). It is ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS) certified. The second year in a row, University of Wah has taken home the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan’s Academic Excellence Award. UI GreenMetric’s World University Rankings-2022 ranked University of Wahwas 536th overall.

The appropriate accreditation councils, such as the National Business Education Accreditation Council, National Computing Education Accreditation Council, National Council for Teachers’ Education, National Technology Council, and Pakistan Engineering Council, have continuously accredited the university programs.

Since its founding, the University of Wah has made impressive strides, and its graduates are dedicated to producing insightful and practical knowledge in both cutting-edge and established fields. The university has hired faculty who are highly skilled and knowledgeable. It is positioned to emerge as an institution responsive to technological change, higher education, and research demands of the country by offering a suitable atmosphere, with an ever-growing 5000 student population, over 250 dedicated faculty members, and effective management.

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