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Public sale of Islamic Coin begins on Republic

Islamic Coin and OpenDeal Broker LLC, dba THE CAPITAL R (“ODB”), a Republic subsidiary, have started their Reg D Token Offering to the Public. Digital money that upholds Shariah guidelines and prioritizes moral ideals is called ISLM (Islamic Coin Token). This collaboration includes Republic’s assistance in showcasing Islamic Coin’s market launch approach. By tailoring tokenomics, DAO governance, and sustainable economic utility value for the Islamic community, the cooperation also utilizes Republic Crypto, Republic’s cryptocurrency advising services. Furthermore, building connections with possible strategic partners, exchanges, and market participants supports the engagement between Republic Crypto and Islamic Coin.

Members of the global Islamic Coin community will benefit in a number of ways after this public debut, including chances to provide liquidity, stake their holdings, and earn tokens during the liquidity mining phase.

Recent private sales by the team, including those from ABO Capital, DF 101, A195, and Optic Capital, raised $193 million. DDCAP Group, which has a network of over 300 Islamic banks, and Islamic Coin have formed an exclusive integration in addition to these collaborations.

Islamic Coin serves the world’s 1.9 billion Muslims and beyond and is powered by HAQQ Network, a blockchain network that complies with Shariah. Each Islamic Coin release includes a 10% donation to good deeds.

Leaders from the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai support the HAQQ and Islamic Coin platforms. Wall Street and the City of London Islamic and conventional finance specialists also support the project.

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