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PHPSandbox: Create, Test, and Distribute PHP Applications Quickly

With the help of the web application PHPSandbox, you can rapidly prototype or distribute PHP projects without having to set up a local environment.

You can test a lot of different things with this service, including our Livewire Volt demo app, the new Laravel Prompts feature that Jess Archer demonstrated at Laracon, and the new “slim skeleton” in Laravel 11.

Here are some more of the features PHPSandbox includes:

On-the-go preview

For your project, PHPSandbox automatically creates a permanent preview URL so you can view your changes right away.

All-encompassing Environment

A fully functional Linux environment, several PHP versions, and all the PHP extensions you require.

Integration of GitHub and Git

You can either export your PHPSandbox projects to GitHub or import an already-existing public composer project from GitHub.


You can use Composer in your projects while they make sure it continues to function thanks to the Composer integration.

Configurable Setting
Set up your surroundings as you see fit. Would you like to modify your public directory or PHP version? Not an issue.

PHPSandbox is an ideal platform for play.

There are code playgrounds for JavaScript and CSS, but this is one of the better ones for PHP. They offer a professional plan that is $6 a month and includes email captures, private repos, and other features. The base plan is free.

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