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OpenAI Has Just Publishes GPTs: Make Money With Your Own ChatGPT Without Coding

The AI App Store is about to launch.

GPTs were just released by OpenAI. Anyone can create their own customized versions of ChatGPT for a particular use.

What makes them the best of all? Building them doesn’t require any coding.

You can make your own GPT for yourself, your business, or everyone (with the possibility to even earn money in the official GPT store) by simply striking up a conversation with ChatGPT.

I realize that this sounds too good to be true, but let’s get started and learn more about GPTs.

The greatest Custom Instructions and Plugins are combined in GPTs.

A feature called “custom instructions” was added to ChatGPT back in July with the intention of improving response times by using data about us and our preferred response method.

Although custom instructions gave us some control over ChatGPT, they were insufficient for us to create our own ChatGPT, and we were unable to store multiple custom instructions.

All of this is elevated by GPTs.

Instructions, additional information, and any combination of abilities (web browsing, DALL-E 3, code interpreter) make up GPTs. This image illustrates the process of creating a GPT.

In addition to the well-known instructions section, there is a knowledge section and a capabilities section where we can upload files to further customize our GPT and enable features like web browsing, DALL-E 3, and the code interpreter.

After creating your GPT, you can sell it to the public in the GPT Store, which will launch later in November. The amount of money you can make from your GPT will depend on how many people use it, according to OpenAI.

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