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Maanu, a Pakistani artist, gets elevated by Spotify from RADAR to Global Spotlight and shown at iconic locations across the world.

Spotify connects local musicians with new audiences worldwide and keeps its listeners updated about Pakistani music. This year, Spotify is celebrating its one-year anniversary in Pakistan with RADAR Fest Pakistan, its flagship music event for up-and-coming Pakistani musicians. The music streaming service has launched its marketing with much fanfare.

Spotify has elevated last quarter’s RADAR artist Maanu onto the global stage by featuring him not only at the Times Square digital billboard in New York City, but also on four other iconic global locations: Penn Plaza in New York; The Reef in Los Angeles; Leicester Square in London; and Cardiff, Wales. This is part of RADAR’s global creative approach, which is launching RADAR Fest Pakistan as a grand affair.

As RADAR Pakistan completes its first year in the nation, Spotify has announced that it would host its inaugural RADAR Fest on the LUMS campus in Lahore. An thrilling exhibition of all four RADAR Pakistan musicians and a lively celebration of music discovery are expected at this heart-pounding festival.

“RADAR is a trailblazing force in Pakistani music, providing consistent support to up-and-coming musicians both on and off the internet. Listeners can discover musicians like never before through this program, which also introduces them to Meet The Future in music, said Khan FM, musicians and Label Partnership Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. “Maanu’s ascent from Lahore to international renown highlights Spotify’s commitment to music discovery and marks a historic moment for Pakistani artists,” he continued.

With a dynamic global makeover, RADAR has also experienced a vibrant transformation that allows music lovers to discover new music. This new aesthetic, which combines vibrant, lively, and fresh colors with a unique creative approach to artist artwork, is intended to appeal to Spotify’s core user base. The program’s dedication to innovation and the future of music is reflected in its makeover.

Maanu’s rise to prominence in the world is only the start of the adventure. As we can see with the newest RADAR artists, Hassan & Roshaan, Spotify’s RADAR program is an exciting pathfinder in the music industry, altering how emerging artists are found, appreciated, and promoted.

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