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Leaders are provided with advanced consulting skills by Confiz via the Harvard Training Program.

Confiz, a multinational technology consulting company, strengthened its leadership ranks by enrolling its top executives in Harvard’s esteemed professional development program, a daring step that demonstrates its commitment to quality.

Dedicated to upholding its central tenet of “continuous learning,” Confiz enrolled its senior leadership in Harvard’s The Consultant’s Toolkit: A Consulting Training program, which aimed to create a pool of knowledgeable executives and consultants who could adapt to and impartially handle business difficulties at the enterprise level.

This training program sought to improve senior management’s consulting skills and enable them to use tried-and-true methods to find workable solutions for pressing client business difficulties, hence increasing organizational effectiveness and producing measurable outcomes. Consequently, this calculated risk puts Confiz in a position to provide its international clientele premier consulting services.

This extensive course was taught by famous educator Shawn O’Connor, who has an outstanding track record. With two Dean’s Commendations for Distinguished Teaching Performance under his belt, he has a wealth of expertise teaching graduate-level business courses at esteemed universities in management consulting, strategy, marketing, and business law.

Rehan Sarwar, Senior Director of Engineering; Muhammad Hassan, Vice President of Engineering; Omair Sajid, Vice President of Professional Services; Muhammad Awaid, Senior Project Manager; and Saad Salahuddin, Director of Professional Services are among the company’s senior leaders who successfully completed the Harvard Consultant’s Toolkit: Consulting Training program, enhancing their repertoire with advanced strategic thinking and consulting skills.

The Consultant’s Toolkit: Consulting Training curriculum examined a wide range of consulting tools, enabling executives to confidently make suggestions to clients, assess solutions, diagnose organizational difficulties, and ultimately produce positive results.

Strategic frameworks, diagnostic tools, research methodologies, and recommendation presentation approaches were among the subjects covered in the program. Additionally, the training focused on flexible analytical methods that could be used in a range of corporate contexts.

Through a dynamic blend of lectures, case studies, and interactive group activities, the participants broadened their knowledge to effectively tackle contemporary business difficulties. The program also gave the Confiz leadership team a great chance to network, share ideas, and learn about other viewpoints from accomplished individuals in the field.

One of the participants, Saad Salahuddin, shared his thoughts about the course, saying: “Participating in Harvard’s Consultant’s Toolkit program on-campus with other individuals from a variety of business backgrounds was an invaluable experience. Our team was able to improve our consulting abilities and obtain new insights and perspectives by learning from colleagues who faced comparable business obstacles.

According to Affan Aijaz, Head of People and Culture at Confiz, “people development is essential for any organization given the rapid pace of technological change.” “The Consultant’s Toolkit: Consulting Training program from Harvard has helped us continuously provide the best value to our clients while also fostering a culture of continuous improvement and nurturing our leadership.”

Confiz has proven its commitment to equipping its staff with the business and technological know-how they need to thrive in the ever-changing professional landscape by continuously investing in the technical and professional development of its executives. It is our goal that additional businesses would take Confiz’s lead and launch similar projects, helping teams and businesses expand and Pakistan’s profile in the world at large.

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