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Is Julia quicker than Numba and Python?

Numba is very fast, but is it fast enough?

Numba is a popular Python optimization module that reduces function execution times to levels comparable to those of the C programming language, which is unquestionably quick.

Is that level of optimization sufficient to compete with a more recent, specialized language like Julia that was purpose-built? And if so, are there any restrictions on using Python to achieve that level of execution speed?


One of the most frequent comments on that piece went something like this:

You ought to utilize Numba as well. Implementing it is easy, and it speeds up the process!

quite a few individuals

Consequently, this post will make an effort to directly answer that suggestion.

Does using Numba have the same speed as Julia, if not faster? Is it really as simple to use and put into practice as people make out? Are there any drawbacks as well?

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