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Is Evernote AI Really Smart, or Is It Playing a Joke on Us?

Conundrum of the Great Note-Search.

Hello, fellow tech geeks and note-takers!

Today, we’re digging deep into the wacky world of AI-powered note-search tools, courtesy of Bending Spoons and Evernote’s geniuses (or possibly con artists).

There are rumors that they have created some magical AI widgets that enable you to search through your notes using regular natural English.

Keep your digital pens handy, though, because we’re about to go out on a mission to discover the truth.

Are these AI geniuses the real deal, or are they just playing a quick one?

Let’s look at it!

Let’s first discuss these technologies for artificial intelligence.
We’ve been promised the capacity to search our notes using natural language by Evernote and Bending Spoons.

Overview of AI-Powered Search
Users can ask questions using a potent tool called AI-Powered Search, which is already included in the existing Evernote search experience.

Wow, that’s impressive.

Suppose you could just type, “Find that grocery list I made last week,” and it would instantly materialize.

According to the proverb, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, so let’s wear our detective hats and get to work. Have you ever tried speaking with Alexa or Siri? While such AI assistants do occasionally get things right, they are also well recognized for their funny errors. In response to a request I made for “Eye of the Tiger,” Siri once instead played “Pie of the Tiger.”

Can we rely on AI to comprehend our natural language when looking up our important notes?
To ask a cat to get your footwear is absurd. Although enjoyable, it could be more powerful.

Let’s pause a moment to admire the craft of misinterpretation. It would be interesting if Evernote’s AI translated the question “Can you find my notes from last year?” into “Can you fry my goats from last year?”

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