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IndexNow Marks Two Years of Daily Submissions of 1.4 Billion URLs

Explore IndexNow’s two-year anniversary as it speeds up the content indexing process in real-time for millions of searchable websites.

IndexNow was founded two years ago with the main goal of simplifying the process by which websites notify search engines of content updates. Since then, the company has grown significantly.

Presently, an incredible 1.4 billion URLs are uploaded everyday, and 60 million websites sign up for the platform every day.

Resolving the Gap Between Real-Time Content Updates and Search Engine Results

For most internet users, this means that search results are not always up to date with the most recent modifications made to a website.

This disparity arises from the fact that search engines are frequently unaware of the where and when of content modifications made to a website.

They constantly trawl the web in order to make up for it. In addition to taking up website owners’ bandwidth, this crawling prevents search engines from concentrating on regularly updated content.

Inadequate real-time updates impede timely and pertinent search results, which annoys companies and customers alike.

How IndexNow Addresses the Issue

IndexNow takes direct aim at this problem by informing participating search engines via a straightforward ping that a URL has been added, modified, or removed.

With this simplified method, companies may tell search engines what needs to be crawled. Enabling IndexNow is just a plug-and-play process with content management systems like WordPress and cloud providers like CloudFlare.

IndexNow is already included for users of popular SEO plugins like Yoast, All-in-One SEO, RankMath, and SEOPress. Wix Premium and Duda users already have the service enabled; no further actions are needed.

IndexNow Enabling: A Four-Step Procedure
In the event that your website does not make use of the aforementioned services, IndexNow is easy to activate.

  • Generate an API key.
  • Host this key on your web server’s root directory.
  • Add the necessary code to your website to submit URL updates to IndexNow’s API.
  • Monitor the details of your submitted URLs via Webmaster Tools.

IndexNow’s approach is nothing short of revolutionary in a time when real-time information is not only a luxury but also a need. Businesses and consumers can get timely and relevant information more efficiently as a result of the streamlining of the search engine upgrades process.

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