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In this Pakistani village, residents only pay monthly electricity bills of Rs. 100.

Even though there are still demonstrations against high electricity prices and frequent power outages in other regions of Pakistan, residents in the village of Barshamnal pay only Rs 100 per month to have electricity available all day and night.

On a creek that flows through the village of Barshamnal, someone installed a modest hydroelectric plant a few years ago. Every home in the village has access to electricity from this facility for a negligible cost.
The hydroelectric plant was built with a one million rupee investment made by Shaukat Ali eight years ago. In the community, it now provides electricity to more than 150 households.

When a nearby mechanic for cars proposed that Shaukat Ali make an investment not just for himself but for the entire town, Shaukat Ali’s journey into private power generating began. In order to create power without obstructing the flow of water, Ali purchased a small canal, a chamber, and the necessary tools.

There are currently seven small hydropower plants in Barshamnal, which supply 800 households with reasonable electricity. This creative method uses flowing water without impeding it, and after use, the water is restored to the stream.

Electricity is produced by constructing a dam across the stream, redirecting the water into a specially built canal, and utilizing a turbine. This achievement in Barshamnal suggests a viable remedy for other Pakistani regions struggling with electrical issues.

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