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In Karachi, thousands of boys and girls participated in the Bano Qabil 2.0 aptitude test.

Aspiring IT professionals and computer scientists who wanted to take part in the Bano Qabil 2.0 scholarship program gathered in Bagh-i-Jinnah. They were there to take an aptitude test on a Sunday that had been set up by the Jamaat-i-Islami and Al-Khidmat.
While several things were going on simultaneously, those who had registered for the hour-long test were the first to find their seats. Some candidates were eagerly anticipating their graduation ceremony after successfully completing the program’s first stage, known as Bano Qabil 1.0. A large number of attendees also came to present their initiatives.

Concerns about conducting the testing on such a big scale were raised due to the size of the population, which was roughly believed to be close to 100,000. As a result, several participants were irritated by the tests’ lengthy wait in starting.

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