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In Abbottabad, a woman died after falling from a chairlift.

The death of a woman in a chairlift accident brings tragedy to Abbottabad. While authorities look into it, heirs accuse negligence. Save 1122 After previous events, Mansehra prepares for high-altitude situations. Chairlift crisis management teams and equipment have been created. There were safety drills conducted in a mountainous area. Actions taken to avoid accidents in the future, as chairlifts are still a necessary mode of transportation.

A woman died as a result of a chairlift accident. The location of this terrible incident is Abbottabad. The matter is still pending for the heirs of the deceased widow, according to the authorities. not registering. The tragedy is also attributed to the negligence of the elevator operator. Since the previous week, Rescue 1122 Mansehra has been training for incidents involving heights and chairlifts.

According to District Emergency Officer Hafeezur Rehman, specialized teams will soon be prepared to handle typical incidents like chair lifts. Rescue 1122 is holding simulated drills in both urban and alpine settings using the resources at its disposal. Emergency chairlift kits can shield employees and get stranded customers to safety.

It should be noted that a chair lift in Koragh, Upper Chitral, that connects Kuragh and Koshte-Gulshit broke down a few days ago, leaving three passengers stranded in the middle of the river. They were heading to Koragh from Gulsht-Kosht.

The chairlift is now out of service while it is being repaired; however, after 45 minutes of work, the Rescue 1122 crew was able to rescue the three stranded passengers on the beach. While coordinating student transportation from Galshit-Koshit to their respective schools, the Deputy Commissioner.

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