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“I once loaded bricks into the kiln,” Khan, Zaman

The life of Zaman Khan is incredibly amazing! He began his career in labor as a laborer alongside his father and brother. However, he was inspired to learn the sport after watching others play tape ball cricket on a nearby field because of his passion of the sport. He bowled 12 straight wide balls in his first over, but he didn’t give up and kept practicing to get better.

Zaman was so committed that even when he wasn’t feeling well, he would take time off from Madrasa to play cricket. He took part in the under-16 trials in Mirpur and was chosen based on his tape ball skills. Despite difficulties and initially lacking family support, he never gave up on his goal of being a cricketer.

In his first season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), his dedication paid off when he was named the Best Emerging Talent. It’s incredible to watch how far he’s gone and how he’s taken off on social media. The life of Zaman is a tribute to the strength of desire and willpower. He genuinely serves as a role model for budding cricketers around.

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