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How to Become a Mahzooz Millionaire in Dubai, Step by Step

In Dubai, many people aim to become millionaires, especially immigrants moving there to further their careers.
Mahzooz is the name of a well-liked weekly digital lottery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Unlike traditional lotteries, it is played online, allowing players to take part using devices like phones or laptops. This book tries to offer insightful tips and techniques to improve your chances of winning the Mahzooz draw, whether you’re a veteran player or a newbie.

Specifics of the lottery

In the hopes of winning the lottery and becoming millionaires in Dubai, players choose a set of numbers.
A weekly live drawing fosters anticipation and ensures transparency.
The main attraction is the progressive jackpot. If it is not won during a particular week, it grows and may potentially reach millions of dirhams.
Mahzooz also offers ancillary prizes, which, while smaller than the main prize, have the power to influence people’s lives.
Mahzooz is not just about winning. Because charitable programs in the UAE are supported in part by ticket sales, participants can give back to the community.


Participants in the Mahzooz lottery must fulfill certain requirements in order to be eligible.
Everyone taking part must be at least 18 years old.
Status as a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Both UAE citizens and foreigners can apply.
Participants must provide true, verified personal information while registering.
You cannot apply if you are related to Mahzooz or any of its employees in any way.
Participants who are employed in jobs relevant to the draw, such as insurance agents, draw coordinators, or government officials, are not permitted to enter.
All participants are required to follow the rules and regulations issued by the Mahzooz team.
Before taking part in the lottery, participants must make sure they follow all applicable UAE laws and regulations.

What a Winner of Mahzooz Receives

The top prize is AED 20,000,000 for matching five numbers, followed by AED 200,000 for matching four, and AED 250 for matching three. Players can win at Mahzooz’s Grand Draw by matching the provided numbers.

The raffle draw has amazing prizes, and the special Super Saturday event guarantees that three winners will each get an award of AED 100,000.

How to Create an Account on Mahzooz

Check out the Mahzooz website.
Select “Create Account” from the menu.
Complete the registration form by providing accurate personal data.
Make a reliable, strong password.
Accept their rules and regulations.
To confirm your account, click the link that was sent to your email or SMS.
Your password and email can be used to log in at any time after verification.

Taking Part in the Mehzooz Draw

Log in at the Mahzooz website.
Choose “Buy Now” from the menu’s “Play” section.
Choose how many water bottles, each costing AED 35, you want to donate. This determines your entry into the Grand Draw and Raffle.
For the Super Saturday Draw, choose five numbers, and for the Fantastic Friday Draw, choose six.
If you’re feeling lucky and want to enter several draws, just buy more items and submit more entries.
Visit the cashier. Pay with a debit card or the credit you have available. As an alternative, you can add items to your cart first, then proceed to checkout using your available credit.
You will get a message or email confirming the transaction after it has gone through successfully.
Results of Mahzooz Draw

Your Mahzooz Prize can be cashed out

Log in to your account at the official Mahzooz website to get started.
Go to “My Account” and find the “Balance Summary” area, or look for your “Total Balance.”
Check the balance that is now in your winner’s account.
The withdrawal process can be started by selecting “Transfer/Withdraw.”
Indicate the precise withdrawal amount.
Pick a withdrawal mechanism that meets your needs, whether it be an e-wallet or a bank transfer.
Fill out the essential information in accordance with the withdrawal method you have chosen.
Verify your withdrawal request and adhere to any extra instructions that may be given.
It will take some time for the Mahzooz staff to examine and handle your request.
Once your withdrawal has been authorized and successfully completed, you will be informed.
Finally, the money will be transferred to the account you’ve specified.

Methods to Increase Your Mahzooz Winning Chances

Play frequently: Consistently buying tickets over time can increase your chances of winning.
Work Together: Think about organizing or joining organizations to combine resources and purchase extra tickets.
Analyze Previous Results: Examine previous game results to find frequently drawn numbers that could improve your odds.
Choosing a variety of numbers is preferable to selecting consecutive ones since diversity might be beneficial.
Trust your instincts: Sometimes, the decision you make right away could turn out to be the best one.
Keep Up-to-Date: Stay informed on Mahzooz announcements and any modifications to the structure or rules of the game.

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