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How Can Your Website Be Listed on ChatGPT?

Are you prepared to explore the ChatGPT Ranking Factors world?

It is now rated 28th in the world for popularity, per SimilarWeb.

You won’t believe it, yet it receives 1.4 billion visitors per month. People use this site to write, ask questions, and even perform complex code.

But what’s this? Not just for fun, either!

Additionally, many use ChatGPT to look up and research potential employers. Amazing, isn’t that?

Okay, here’s the deal: How does ChatGPT decide which websites are the coolest?

A well-known team of web analysts questioned ChatGPT extensively to acquire the full story, but it didn’t provide me with anything really useful.

So they changed tactics and asked it more than 100 seemingly random queries to see what it would produce.

You know, on a quest to uncover some patterns!

Then they gave a fancy stats specialist and a data wizard all those questions and answers so they could work their magic. They investigated 82 different topics in total, but guess what?

Alright, here’s the scoop on what matters to ChatGPT:

1. Brand Mentions: ChatGPT pays attention when a brand or product is mentioned frequently over the internet. More buzz means it’s more likely to be recommended.

2. Reviews: Positive reviews are important, and the more the better! A good rating is also like the cherry on top. Therefore, it’s a success if many people are praising your business on websites like Trust Pilot, Amazon, or BBB.

3. Keyword Connection: ChatGPT appreciates it when the terms in your query align with the content it suggests. It’s a match made in recommendation heaven if those keywords are present on websites discussing the same good or service.

4. Age Matters: ChatGPT shows a little more affection for older products or businesses. Experience seems to matter in the recommendation game.

5. Recommendations: From websites that compile lists of the “best of,” such as “the best credit cards for college students,” ChatGPT occasionally draws inspiration. It appears that these websites, who profit from affiliate links, are affecting ChatGPT’s recommendations. It’s like there is a hidden universe of suggestions.

6. Authority Principles: The powerful receive more adoration. ChatGPT is more likely to mention a business if it has a sizable social media following, a high domain authority, and is being mentioned on reliable websites.

Here it is: the inside story on what makes ChatGPT tick.

The one big hiccup with ChatGPT is…

You’ve gotta get your products and services in ChatGPT’s good books if you want to tap into those 1.4 billion potential customers buzzing around every month.

But here’s the catch: ChatGPT has a quirk.

It doesn’t always get it right. In fact, 27.41% of the time, it’s a little off the mark. Sometimes, it suggests stuff that’s as odd as hiring an SEO agency that’s not even an SEO agency, like telling you to hire Moz.

But don’t fret, because there’s hope on the horizon. ChatGPT’s index will get a real-time makeover someday. Until then, it’s a bit of a wild ride!

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