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Google Has Released New ING TLD Domains

ING top-level domain names enable targeting of user intent for almost all industries, particularly local search google Has Released New ING TLD Domains

The new dot ING top level domain, which enables users to register domains that represent verbs, nouns, and adjectives that finish in ing, was launched by Google.

Top Level Domain (TLD) for ING

The final part of a domain name, such as.com,.org, etc., is called a top level domain (TLD).

Google just unveiled the newest version,.ing, which enables publishers to register a domain name that targets terms like places, actions, people, things, and even adjectives that finish in ing.

Many brands have already begun registering .ing domain names:

  • Adapt clothing brand registered adapt.ing
  • Adobe Acrobat registered edit.ing and sign.ing
  • Canva registered draw.ing
  • ING banking and financial group registered bank.ing

Why is ING important? This type of targeting with an ING TLD is excellent for branding what customers can achieve with a website, product, or service by using a short and memorable domain name. This is known as a “domain hack,” and Wikipedia provides a helpful definition of one:

“A domain hack is a domain name that, when two or more of its adjacent levels are concatenated, indicates a word, phrase, or name.

For instance, the fake country-code domains bir.ds and examp.le, which imply the words “birds” and “example,” respectively, are used.

The term “hack” here refers to a cunning maneuver (as in programming), not an intrusion or exploit (as in security).

Can You Use The ING Domain?

Indeed, there are a variety of uses for the ing TLD, including marketing, product and service sales, and facilitating website accessibility.

It might be helpful for websites with long or challenging to remember domain names that would rather have a domain name that sums up their content in one or two words.

The creator of Hartzer Consulting, Bill Hartzer (LinkedIn), offers some helpful advice on how to use a.ing domain name.

Bill revealed:

Since their business name ends in -ing, I’ve already had a friend ask if they ought to purchase those domains. I told him it was a nice “domain hack,” as we say.

Additionally, they can shorten URLs for social media links, etc. by using the ing domain.

You could simply use your company name or brand and append the.ING to the end of it for the.ING domain ending.

For instance, it could be utilized as a social media URL shortener by “Google-ing” or “Hartzer-ing.”

That’s what I’m trying to convey.An excellent domain hack would be ING.

Those who are “enterprising” and interested in ING TLDs will go through a long list of words that finish in “ing” to see if any of them are up for registration.

Users’ Intent Can Be Hyper-Target by ING Domains

The verb forms of words ending in -ing are especially interesting because they convey the actions of an activity. Since verbs are the most precise means of determining user intent, this is significant.

The idea that there are more specific user intents in the form of verbs than the typical five or six user intents may have been first put forth by Inlinks.

Eating, cooking, fixing, flying, plumbing, and writing are a few examples.

When you add a city, state, or province name to those verbs, you can create a highly targeted domain name, such as FloridaAirCondition.ing or LosAngelesPlumb.ing, based on user intent.

The wedding industry is expected to be highly competitive due to the abundance of available geographic domain names, like ManhattanWedd.ing.

Then there are variants involving travel and marriage, like DestinationWedd.ing.

focusing on a service, such as AmazingWedd.ing or Wedd.ing.

What about goods? You know there’s DressesForWedd.ing?

There are a plethora of variations available that not only cater to plumbing services or weddings but also accurately target user intent.

What Is The Price of an ING Domain?

Early access domains start out expensive and gradually get less expensive as the date of the public launch, also known as general availability, approaches.

The most expensive early access rates are offered during the Early Access Period (EAP).

The availability calendar for ING domains that can be registered is as follows:

“September 20, 2023 – October 24, 2023: Sunrise, during which time holders of trademarks may register domain names on the new TLDs provided they have filed their trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Early Access Period (EAP), October 31, 2023–December 5, 2023: For an additional fee that drops as General Availability approaches, anyone can register a domain name that is available in the new TLDs.

Starting on December 5, 2023, the more economical general availability rate for ING domains will be $14.99/year.

That is the day for people without a lot of money to bring a list of desired domains to their preferred domain name registrar and see if they are available.

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