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Google Acknowledges Indexing Bug: Delayed Indexing of New Content


Google acknowledges that there is a problem with its search index.
New content is not immediately indexed in search results.
Google is developing a fix.

Reports of a persistent technical problem delaying the indexing of recently published online content have been confirmed by Google.

Google’s Search Liaison revealed that the business is actively trying to find the source of the issue in a post that was made on X on Thursday night.

Google did not, however, offer a projected timeframe for fixing the problem.

What Does This Mean?

Any content posted to websites from now until the issue is addressed may not immediately appear in Google search results due to the indexing delays.

Because breaking news items and other relevant content might not be correctly indexed, this may have an effect on news publishers in particular.

Once the technical issue has been fixed, Google should once again begin to index any previously unpublished content that was impacted.

What’s The Status?

Publishers can check the latest updates on this indexing issue via the Google Search Status Dashboard.

The dashboard will indicate when Google has successfully fixed the problem.

In the meantime, be aware that search visibility for new articles and other pieces of content will likely be reduced until Google corrects the underlying technical issue.

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