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Free Metro and Orange Line travel for students, seniors, and people with disabilities

Pay increases and free transportation! Big announcements are being made by Punjab’s interim administration. Senior citizens, those with disabilities, and students can now use the Metro and Orange Line for free. In the interim, the minimum salary was increased to Rs. 32,000. Before the next election, the caretaker Chief Minister undoubtedly tries to win over people.

Senior persons, those with impairments, and students are permitted to use the Metro and Orange Line without paying a fee, according to the Punjabi government.

The 39 items on the agenda were considered at the 25th Cabinet meeting, which was held in Multan and presided over by the interim chief minister of Punjab. In attendance were provincial ministers, advisors, the chief secretary, the inspector general of police, and other relevant officials.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has commanded that an immediate announcement be issued in light of the caretaker government’s decision to raise the minimum wage for employees to 32,000 rupees.

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