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Five Website Design Trends to Watch in 2024

We’ll discuss five major web design concepts that I believe will be quite popular in 2024 in this post. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be fully aware of these trends, which will help you succeed in 2024 and produce amazing content for your clients. Now let’s get started!

Dim Mode Web page

The first trend in web design is dark mode, which gained a lot of popularity last year because of Linear. It looks amazing, so everyone started hopping on the bandwagon. Why? To start with, reading and consuming content is effortless and easy on the eyes. Additionally, it conveys a polished, professional, and slightly somber vibe that works well with many websites. The best feature is that dark mode isn’t limited to a completely black background. Your website will really stand out if you experiment with different dark hues to produce amazing gradients, highlights, and glows. These websites that operate in dark mode are here to stay, and I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon.

As an illustration

Website URL — https://linear.app/

Website URL — https://cred.club/

Bento grid

The Bento grid is the second popular web design style. These grids are my favorite since they always have a consistent appearance and feel clean and well-organized. Use a Bento grid if you’re ever unsure about the best way to organize your website. In recent months, I’ve witnessed some amazing examples, and I think this trend is here to stay. We feel like we’re only beginning to explore the possibilities of Bento grids, and in the upcoming year, we should expect to see some really amazing applications.

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is that, if not used wisely, it can become quite overpowering and messy, similar like a cluttered desk. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ this strategy carefully and avoid giving the user too much at once.

As an illustration

Website — https://www.relume.io/

Website — https://dribbble.com/shots/22599375-MusAI-Branding-for-the-Music-Generator-App

AI-Generated Visuals

The growing use of AI-generated graphics is the third trend I’ve noticed a lot. Because consumers are more inclined to look at an image, video, or animation on a website than to read text, visuals are extremely important. Up until now, stock photos can be pricey and it has been difficult to create bespoke graphics. But things are shifting with the development of AI and new design tools. Almost anything may be created, and it’s frequently free. You want a picture of a blue dog wearing a Santa hat. You got it, no issue. Therefore, we designers must learn how to use these AI technologies. Start with great resources like Mid Journey and Adobe Firefly.

As an illustration

Website — https://www.otterdev.io/

Website — https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

Bright Gradients

Vibrant gradients are the fourth web design trend I’m currently obsessed with. A webpage can be significantly improved by using gradients to fill space and add depth. They’re an excellent method to add a polished look to your website without having to deal with the headache of making original materials or looking for pre-made images or videos. These vibrant gradients make a fantastic background for any website since they give the text depth without taking over. The best feature is that you can tweak and make your own gradients with a plethora of free websites. If you haven’t done so before, I strongly advise getting started and learning how to generate polished gradients for a clean look. You can do this with practically any design or programming tool.

As an illustration

Website — https://sarahguo.com/

Website — https://fujeedesign.com/

Large-scale typography

Let’s now discuss huge typography, which is the fifth and last web design style that will be popular in 2024. Even so, this isn’t particularly new—it’s been around for a while. A growing number of websites are adopting the practice of employing large fonts. It challenges the normal way that people view web pages, making it a little out of the ordinary. But, I think this trend is fantastic. Why? Because it forces us to exercise caution when it comes to the text we include on websites as designers and developers. Every word must matter when your typography is massive since you cannot have a ton of content. This is good since it makes it simple for visitors to read and comprehend the main points of the website or business. I also adore this huge typography trend. It reduces the need for graphics because it takes up so much room. You can emphasize the text more and use fewer graphics, animations, and videos. Of course, this strategy works even better with a distinctive bespoke typeface.

As an illustration

Website — https://www.framer.com/

Website — https://gsap.com/

We are therefore intrigued as to which of these five trends you believe we would regret the most in five years, and which one is your favorite?

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