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Erdogan requests that Elon Musk construct a Tesla factory in Turkey.

According to a statement from Turkey’s communications office, Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has requested Tesla CEO Elon Musk to consider establishing a factory there. Turkey is a great possibility to host Tesla’s upcoming manufacturing, according to Musk, who noted that many Turkish suppliers already collaborate with the company. This inquiry has not yet received an official response from Tesla.

Erdogan and Musk spoke during a meeting in the Turkish House building in New York, which is close to the UN. For the 78th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, President Erdogan is now in the US. Erdogan also mentioned Turkey’s desire to collaborate on SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet project and artificial intelligence during the meeting.

Musk also showed interest in working with Turkish authorities to obtain the necessary license for offering Starlink satellite services in Turkey.

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