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‘Connecto’ – Your 24/7 Mall Companion on WhatsApp – is now available at Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall, a pioneer in Pakistan’s mall business, is happy to announce the debut of “Connecto,” a revolutionary 24/7 WhatsApp Chat Assistant service that aims to revolutionize accessibility and convenience for our valued clients.

Dolmen Mall offers ‘Connecto’ as a part of its ‘Dolmen Goes Digital’ campaign, continuing its unwavering pursuit of digital excellence and innovation. This forward-thinking project includes a variety of digital improvements, such as interactive retail guides, an updated website, and numerous cutting-edge initiatives that will improve your shopping experience.

The Dolmen WhatsApp service will be officially launched on September 14th. Visitors may anticipate entertaining activities and thrilling chances to win fantastic prizes. Dolmen Mall responds to the need for convenience in the digital age by providing “Connecto,” your virtual assistant who is available 24/7 and ready to respond to all of your questions.

“Connecto is not just a chatbot; it’s your personal mall companion offering tailored assistance by trained agents,” says Ms. Anum Nadeem, Director at Dolmen Group. We are aware that our clients value their time and need quick access to accurate information. With ‘Connecto,’ we hope to streamline, enlighten, and enjoy their experiences with Dolmen Mall.

Accessing “Connecto” is quite easy. Save 021 – 111 362 111, the Dolmen Mall WhatsApp number, in your contacts and send a message to start a chat. ‘Connecto’ is ready to offer immediate answers to any inquiries you may have regarding Dolmen Mall, including those pertaining to mall hours, ongoing specials, event registrations, store locations, new arrivals, and other related questions. Customers can also communicate with a live representative for a more customized experience.

With the introduction of “Connecto,” Dolmen Mall has once again demonstrated its commitment to using technology to its customers’ advantage and cemented its status as a true innovator in the field. With this cutting-edge feature, you will always have a direct line of communication with the mall at your disposal, guaranteeing a more enjoyable and seamless shopping experience.

Dolmen Mall has always been more than a shopping destination; it’s a place for creating memories and enjoying quality time with friends and family. With ‘Connecto,’ Dolmen Mall takes another giant stride towards delivering a seamless and delightful experience for all visitors, underscoring our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Starting from the 14th, we invite you to visit Dolmen Mall Clifton to discover and stay updated on all the engaging events and activities taking place at the Dolmen Connecto setup in the main atrium of Dolmen Mall Clifton.

The Dolmen Mall UAN 021 -111 -362 -111, email connect@dolmenmalls.com, or contacting us through one of our social media accounts @dolmenmall are all acceptable alternatives to our 24/7 WhatsApp Chat Assistant for those who prefer them.

Join us in recognizing this ground-breaking advancement in customer service. Connecto Meet, DolmenWhatsApp, DolmenMall

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