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Collaboration Between Zindigi and EFU to Digitize the Insurance Landscape

A significant participant in the field of digital financial services, Zindigi, has partnered with Pakistan’s top life insurance company, EFU Life Assurance. Through the use of digital insurance products, our cooperation aims to empower Pakistanis to defend their physical, mental, and financial well-being against unpredictability and rising prices.

According to Meena M. Khan, chief product and marketing officer at Zindigi, “Our collaboration with EFU is geared towards providing insurance options that help individuals combat the effects of inflation, aligning with the rapidly changing financial landscape in Pakistan.”

“Observing the growth and expansion of the Zindigi Channel, particularly in reaching previously untapped customer segments, many of whom are first-time users of banking services, is truly heartening,” continued Ms. Nilofer Sohail, Deputy General Manager of Channel Strategy & Execution at EFU. In keeping with EFU Life’s dedication to inclusive insurance, we have constantly worked to broaden insurance coverage to include people from a variety of demographics. The partnership with Zindigi is a significant turning point in this continuing project. We strive to significantly improve the lives of our cherished clients by utilizing our breadth of products, services, and expertise.

In order to offer a seamless and customer-focused experience, Zindigi and EFU Life Assurance are pleased to combine their expertise in the financial and insurance sectors. This alliance is a perfect fit with Zindigi’s objective to safeguard its clients’ financial interests and offer inclusive financial solutions to people all throughout Pakistan.

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