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Check out these ten AI-powered tools for creating websites that every UI/UX designer ought to be aware of.

These days, AI website builders are quite popular. Recently, I’ve seen some very amazing ones emerge. Imagine being able to type forth a concept and having a website materialize in a matter of seconds.

Though we’re not quite there yet, I have a sense it won’t take long. Watch out for these ten best AI builder platforms that I’ve found.

  1. AI Framer

one of my all-time favorite website builders. Many thanks to the

Team Framer

to create this masterpiece! One fantastic feature of Framer as a website builder for designers is that it allows you to modify websites just like you would a Figma file, in addition to employing AI to generate amazing websites.
I’ve personally tried it, and while the results are respectable, there’s still more work to be done. On their website, you can give it a free trial.

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2. Durable

Using AI, you can really create a website in 30 seconds. For people searching for a company or professional website, it’s ideal. Its outcomes, in my opinion, are superior than those of Framer. You only need to make a few adjustments to be set live. That’s really cool. Possibly the most applicable AI builder out there is this one.

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3. 10Web

Imagine this: an AI-powered WordPress website that you can then modify with the Elementor editor. That’s the function of this tool! The best thing, though? It is compatible with WordPress, the platform that powers nearly half of all websites. Easy and astute, huh?

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4. Dora AI

Among the first to use AI in the creation of websites. Although it’s not out yet, the previews look pretty good. I’m hoping the quality matches the videos’ depiction. On their website, you can sign up for the waitlist.

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5. Wix AI

I think this is the easiest website builder I’ve ever used. You can set it up and launch your website in a single day. It’s also reasonably priced! And you know what? More amazing AI features, such as the ability to create text and images and remove backgrounds, are being added. They’re also going to discontinue their AI site builder.

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6. Bookmark

Recently, I came upon a brand-new AI website builder, and wow, it’s loaded with features! ideal for commercial locations. It features extensive statistics, tons of storage, online selling options, and SEO support.

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7. Kleap

Not only can Kleap build your website using AI, but it also assists you in selecting the appropriate text and images. It looks fantastic on phones and aids in tracking metrics as well.

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8. Hocoos

With Hocoos, all it takes is eight questions to create a fantastic website that you can edit in minutes. Creating a more intricate and personalized AI website is a little trickier than simply writing a prompt.

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9. Jimbo

Similar to Hocoos, Jimbo inquires about your aims and style for a short while before—bam! It opens to a webpage. It’s similar to Wix in that you may customize every aspect of your website, including the buttons and colors. It may be easier to use because it doesn’t have as many options as other others.

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10. Unbounce

Unbounce is a well-known landing page software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate landing pages, compose copy, and even increase traffic.

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I really hope you take the time to look into these incredible AI builders and keep a watch on them.

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