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Boost Your Design Process with the Top 5 AI Plugins for Figma

Use Figma’s New A.I. Plugins to Create Beautiful Designs with Ease Today

Designers are constantly seeking for methods to improve their workflows and designs. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), various AI plugins for Figma have been created to speed up, simplify, and improve the effectiveness of the design process. The most amazing AI plugins for Figma that are nothing short of extraordinary will be covered in this article.

1. Font Explorer AI: Find Your Perfect Font

Another AI plugin for Figma that might help you choose the ideal font for your projects is Font Explorer AI. This plugin creates font recommendations based on your needs when you enter specified font features or keywords.

Making Font Choices Customized
You can enter preferences like serif or sans-serif, the desired font mood, or particular keywords to describe the typeface you’re looking for when using Font Explorer AI. Following your input, the AI will compile a list of appropriate typefaces, making it simpler to locate the ideal match for your design.

Overcoming AI Limitations in Font Explorer
While Font Explorer AI can speed up and simplify the process of choosing a font, the outcome may not always be ideal. To choose the best option for your design, as a designer you can mix your instinct and experience with the suggestions made by the plugin.

2. AIDentic: Improve UI Usability

A Figma plugin called AI Dentic can assist you in finding and resolving any usability problems in your user interface designs. Dentic may offer useful insights to enhance the user experience of your UI by assessing your designs using AI.

AIdentic is an AI design assistant that assists you in making your interfaces more intuitive to use.

AIdentic analyzes your mockups, offers improvements on various aspects including text, photos, fonts, color schemes, and so forth, and then automatically and instantly implements the modifications you wish to your file.

How does it work?

Create an account and install the plugin.
Create a project and a test session, then choose the assets—from pages to individual components—to test, give the test sessions names, link the figma url, and start the test.
Finally, evaluate the recommendations on the AIdentic dashboard and implement the ones you desire by clicking the “fix” button.

3. WireGen – AI GPT wireframe generation

WireGen generates wireframe designs quickly and easily using conversation GPT AI.

The plugin will generate wireframes for you in a matter of minutes once you enter the description of the design you wish to create. For designers who want to concentrate on their creative work, this plugin streamlines the wireframing process and saves time and effort. Let the AI handle the difficult tasks.


As this is a beta, we are only allowing 25 generations every month in order to collect feedback.


Click “Upgrade” to acquire an early access membership and more generations.

Why generate AI GPT wireframes?

Use the chat GPT’s power to your advantage to create UI wireframes quickly and save time. This Figma plug-in will help you work more effectively.
With simply one click, create numerous sets of wireframes. Not happy with the initial outcome? Just ask the AI to make a tweak or slightly alter the question while generating.
The resulting wireframes can be completely changed.

How do you produce?

Just type what you want it to produce, or choose from the examples, to get started.
Next, select “Generate.”
Depending on the quantity of screens and the number of users, the process may take a few minutes.

4. Builder.io – AI-Powered Figma to Code (React, Vue, Tailwind, & more)

Real-time AI code generation from Figma designs using simple, responsive code.

no setup It’s not necessary to use auto layout or make any specific modifications to your design files before converting them to code.
Any structure: Create code with HTML, React, Next.js, Vue, Svelte, Angular, Qwik, Solid, or React Native. Decide whether to use Tailwind CSS, Material UI, Emotion, Styled Components, or Styled JSX as your chosen CSS library.
Automatic sensitivity: Even if you don’t use auto layout in your designs, generated code is responsive by default.
Code that is simple to read, enhance, and export It’s simple to read, edit, update, and integrate generated code with your current JavaScript and HTML code for web pages and apps since generated code is clean and developer-friendly.

5. Magician

Use AI because everything it does is magical.

an AI-powered magical design tool for Figma.

Make magic with your wand.

Use AI in design to create everything from copywriting to original icon creation.

Cast spells of magic

As you construct, each magic spell collaborates with you to increase your imagination and inventiveness.


Text to AI-generated vector icon using Magic Icon
Magic Copy: Produce AI-recommended copy
Text to AI-generated Image: Magic Image
Coming soon: more spells

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