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Bing Uses GPT-4 To Create Tailored Search Snippets

Bing introduces AI-powered captions for search results to improve the search experience and offer more insightful snippets.

Microsoft has announced the release of generative AI captions in Bing, an AI-driven tool intended to produce more educational search engine results page (SERP) snippets.

This new capability offers opportunities and raises concerns for publishers and SEO experts.

The GPT-4 language model from OpenAI creates the captions by examining the content of webpages as well as the user’s search query to produce succinct summaries that encapsulate each page.

Although the captions are generated by AI and may not precisely match the text on the page, Bing claims that it uses a number of security measures to guarantee relevance and accuracy.

According to a statement from Microsoft:

“Searchers’ interactions with results are redefined by generative captions. By breaking up web content into short, easily readable chunks, we make it easier for users to quickly scan each page and discover what they’re looking for.

Opportunities & Concerns Regarding Bing’s New AI Captions
Bing uses natural language generation to produce more informative search result snippets with the introduction of Generative AI Captions.

Publishers will be impacted by this in terms of clickthrough rates.

Bing generates custom snippets by analyzing queries and content, rather than depending solely on the title tags and meta descriptions of individual pages.

Although this is beneficial to users, it may have an effect on clickthrough rates for websites that relied on well crafted titles and descriptions to draw in search traffic.

Should the AI captions adequately address the query, fewer searchers might feel compelled to visit the page.

However, Bing might produce fresh snippets that are thought to be more pertinent for every query, which might encourage more clicks.

As the technology advances, tracking clickthrough rates and snippet behavior will become increasingly important.

How to Discontinue
These generative snippets are optional for website owners. By default, all websites are enabled.

To stop AI-generated captions on your pages, use the NOCACHE, NOARCHIVE, NOSNIPPET, or MAXSNIPPET tags. Microsoft added that it will respect Bing Chat users.

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