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As the Supreme Court suspended the NAB Amendment Bill, all cases involving public employees were reinstated.

The changes made to the NAB laws were declared invalid by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in a 2-1 decision. The PTI leader’s appeal, which contested the changes made during the previous administration, was approved by the court. As a result of these revisions, corruption cases against public officials that were previously dismissed will now be reopened.

Justice Ahsan and the Chief Justice agreed that Imran’s appeal could be maintained, while Justice Shah disagreed. The ruling lays the stage for the restart of these corruption proceedings and represents a significant advancement in the nation’s accountability laws. It demonstrates the court’s dedication to protecting accountability and battling public office corruption.

The decision sends a clear message that accountability will be upheld and that no one is above the law. It is significant to emphasize that this judgment is contingent upon how the law is applied and interpreted, and that more legal actions could ensue. The outcome of these trials will be widely monitored since it will have a significant impact on how accountability is handled in Pakistan moving forward.

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