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Apple Airpod accidentally swallowed by a woman who thought it was a vitamin pill

A unusual occurrence occurred in the US when a woman mistakenly ate one of her husband’s Apple AirPods after mistaking it for a vitamin tablet. When 52-year-old Tanna Barker posted her account of this strange incident on TikTok, it quickly went viral.

While Barker and a companion were out for a morning stroll, the incident took place. Barker reached for what she believed to be her vitamin pills as they were conversing, but she accidentally drank her husband’s left AirPod Pro along with a beverage.

Barker assumed the peculiar shape of the tablets was the reason she felt strange after ingesting the AirPod. She made the decision to chug a lot of water to help them dissolve.

Barker didn’t realize she still had the actual vitamin tablets in her palm or that she had unintentionally eaten her husband’s left AirPod Pro until her friend left. I was immediately like, “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just did that,” she recalled. I currently possess an AirPod.

Barker told her husband about what had happened when she returned home. He advised her to keep it a secret, but she chose to tell her TikTok followers about the bizarre experience.

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