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Advanced Data Analytics With ChatGPT For Personalized Matplotlib Well Log Plots

Using OpenAI’s Code Interpreter to Create Well Log Plots for Petrophysics and Geoscience Interpretations

The Advanced Data Analytics version of ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter has been available for some time. It is a plugin created by OpenAI that was released on July 6th, 2023, and enables users to upload data and analyze it. Data cleansing, data visualization, and data summarization are a few examples of this.

You can use ChatGPT by instructing it in plain English what to do rather than having to write Python code to analyze your data. It will do the analysis for you based on that.

As many of my loyal readers are aware, I am a huge matplotlib enthusiast. The library may seem cumbersome and time-consuming to use, but with a little bit of work, it can be utilized to produce beautiful visualisations.

After experimenting with this new tool, I decided it was time to investigate how ChatGPT and the Advanced Data Analytics plugin may be utilized to design unique graphs for analyzing well log data.

Before continuing, given the growing number of legal actions against OpenAI:

Always exercise caution while uploading data to ChatGPT because both the data and your input may be utilized to train new models in the future. When in doubt, refrain from uploading any data and adhere to corporate standards at all times.

Enabling Advanced Data Analytics in ChatGPT

You must first enable the ChatGPT Advanced Data Analytics plugin before using it.

Selecting Beta Features under Settings will enable you to do this. You can enable the plugin by selecting the option to enable Advanced Data Analysis in this section.

The plugin will now be available when you start a new chat.

Uploading and Converting Data to a Pandas Dataframe

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