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A Super 4 match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has an 86% chance of rain.

The crucial Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup match on Thursday is under serious threat from the weather, and with no reserve day allotted, fans could be in for a damp squib.

And the winner of this virtual semifinal will qualify for the title clash against rivals India. However, rain is forecasted in Dubai during the match timings.

Any washout would result in a split of the points, enabling both teams to progress to the championship game. The only way to prevent this bad outcome is if the match results in a winner.

Rain has already impacted several tournament games, as the eagerly anticipated Pakistan vs. India group stage match was called off before a ball was ever played.

Rain also halted their Super Four competition, necessitating the use of the reserve day. Unfortunately, the virtual semifinal has no such option.

However, there is a reserve day set aside for the championship game, so even if rain interferes with the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match, supporters can still hope for sunny skies on that day.

Hopefully, God will have compassion and permit the critical match to go off without a hitch. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have a history of producing thrilling matches, so we can expect them to deliver another nail-biting battle without any rain-induced dampening.

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