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A Saudi Ambassador presents a Pakistani artist who created a portrait of the crown prince with an Umrah ticket.

Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, granted a skilled Pakistani artist flight tickets in exchange for his creation of an image of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. Umar Jarral is an artist who paints magnificent images of Muslim figures, notably the Crown Prince.

Umar Jarral, a 33-year-old Lahori resident, has cerebral palsy, a disorder that impairs muscle strength and coordination as a result of abnormal brain development.

At a special event in Lahore to commemorate the 93rd Saudi National Day, Ambassador Al-Malki and Jarral met.

The positive ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are reflected in this project. The talent and tenacity of Umar Jarral are extremely inspiring. He has painted stunning pictures despite his physical limitations, including one of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Saudi Ambassador’s act of kindness in giving Jarral travel tickets for the Umrah is wonderfully generous and demonstrates the ability of creativity and the arts to unite people.

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