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7 SEO-Friendly Google Search Tricks

Without further ado, and to save you time, here are 7 SEO-boosting Google Search Tips.

  1. Find out how many pages are indexed.


Search query: site:learnwithhasan.com

2- Find duplicate content

In addition to diluting authority and creating confusion for consumers and search engines alike, duplicate material can have a detrimental effect on search engine rankings.


Search query: site:mydomain.com intitle:”search term”.

3- Competitor analysis

Let’s hunt for competitors


Search query: “search keyword” -site:mydomain.com

4- keyword research

In this situation, using search combinations can assist you in determining the level of popularity of a particular term or the context in which competitors employ it.


Search query: intext:”search term”.

5- Monitor brand mentions

Mentions of your brand can be used to monitor your online reputation, interact with your audience, and find ways to make your brand more visible.

To find websites that have your brand name in both the URL and the title:

6- Detect content gaps

As an SEO expert, you have to concentrate on making sure that your website fulfills user requirements, offers pertinent content, and maintains its competitiveness in your sector. And identifying and closing content gaps is one strategy for success.

Enter the following combination to compare the presence of a particular keyword on your website with that of a competitor:

site:competitor1.com OR site:competitor2.com “search term”.

7- Identify guest posting opportunities

To build authority in your industry and increase your online visibility, you must contribute high-quality material to reliable websites.

Looking for websites that encourage guest posts outright? Try this:

write for us OR submit a guest post under “your niche” is the title.

See ya!

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