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Why is Framer being preferred by designers in 2023 over Webflow?

Traditionally, the answer to the question “What tool should I pick?” would be fairly straightforward: If you’re a designer looking to take your designs to the next level, turning them into truly stunning and useful websites, you might be wondering: Webflow.

However, things aren’t that easy these days.

This post will examine the four primary justifications for designers’ shift to  Framer,

and the reasons this amazing tool is hailed as the web design industry’s future.

The Curve of Learning

Webflow has long been the industry standard among web designers, but one major drawback has always been its relatively high learning curve.

You need to have a solid understanding of web development principles, such as appropriate HTML structure and CSS, in order to be genuinely effective with Webflow. Your only requirement to get started with Framer is some prior design tool experience, such as with Sketch or Figma.

You’ll feel like you’re using one of those tools after spending a few hours with Framer, but the main difference is that now you have the superpower to publish your designs and instantly turn them into a real website with just one click.

Made with Designers in Mind

You can accomplish anything with Webflow, but this flexibility also leads to an increase in complexity. Naturally, this affects the user experience for you as a designer and makes it more difficult to swiftly and easily realize your creative vision.

However, with Framer, everything from drag and drop functionality to hover effects and parallax effects is literally at your fingertips, as native features in the tool. This means that web design becomes more of an artistic endeavor than a technical one.

The Influence of Society

There’s no denying that Webflow has an excellent forum where members are willing to assist with any kind of question, but there is a noticeable distinction between a friendly online forum and a vibrant community.

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