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4 Updates To Google Chrome For Better Mobile Search

Google has revealed new features and upgrades for the Chrome mobile browser in an effort to improve the search experience for mobile users.

These improvements broaden search options, highlight current subjects, and propose similar information.

Get hints for your searches
Chrome now provides search suggestions that are pertinent to the webpage a user is viewing on iOS and Android devices.

A new “Related to this page” section that offers extra search alternatives for the content users browse is provided by this feature.

Assume, for instance, that a user is browsing a Google blog post when they click the Chrome URL bar.

Other related searches about Chrome updates and version history will be shown by the browser.

Review Trending Google Searches

The second feature, only available on Chrome for Android, incorporates trending Google searches directly into the Chrome address bar.

Open a new tab, hit the URL bar, scroll down to see what’s trending right now, and you may use this feature.

Make use of Touch To Search
The third update improves Android’s “Touch to Search” function, which was first released a number of years ago.

Users can utilize this feature to perform a word or phrase search right from a webpage.

As a result of the upgrade, Touch to Search will now provide a carousel of related searches, enabling users to quickly access more details on a certain subject.

View Additional Suggestions
Last but not least, Chrome has increased the range of suggestions that appear when users start typing in the address box.

Users using iOS and Android devices will now see ten suggestions instead of the previous six, with the most pertinent ones showing up first.

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