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21 Cyber Security Blogs for IT Professionals to Stay Up to Date

21 Excellent blogs about cyber security that you should follow

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known cyber security blogs available online. These websites are excellent resources for knowledge, discussion, and education on all things related to cyber security. If you want to keep an eye on these resources later on, make sure to bookmark this list.

1. Zero Day

Why follow?Zero Day

It prides itself on “staying on top of the latest,” and it genuinely keeps its word. With new research, vulnerabilities, and threats emerging every minute, having a blog that publishes multiple times a day can help you stay up to date on the most significant daily developments in the field of cyber security.

The official blog of ZDnet worldwide, this website is available in editions specific to different nations and areas. You can keep up with this fast-paced industry by reading the articles, which are easy to read.

 2. Information Security Buzz

Why follow? Cyber security blog Information Security Buzz is a free, user-friendly source of the most recent information and professional commentary on events occurring in the industry. A video channel with enlightening commentary from IT experts is featured on this blog. It’s worth visiting this website frequently as it provides excellent information security news at a glance.

3. Graham Cluley

Why follow?Graham Cluley provides news from the more intimate viewpoint of a dedicated cybersecurity expert who has transitioned to blogging. Cluley offers a clear, readable, and sometimes humorous perspective on cyber security news. An example of this would be, “Friends do not spread virus hoaxes to other friends.” The headline of Cluely’s piece on The Dance of the Pope Virus Hoax reads, “They check their facts for five minutes before sharing poppycock on social media.”

4. The Hacker News

Why follow? The Hacker News is an excellent source of up-to-date hacking news. You can read recent and past posts on DDoS attacks, cyber espionage, the Tor Anonymity Network, botnet attacks, and really any other kind of hacking intelligence you are interested in by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the page. If you prefer not to browse, you can follow them on their active Twitter presence.

 5. Last Watchdog

Why follow?Last Watchdog provides a more in-depth journalistic perspective than the quick news and updates that frequently make up cyber security writing. This blog was started by Pulitzer Prize winner Byron Acohido as a way to explore cyber security issues. A high-quality audio recording is included at the top of every article to provide additional accessibility for readers who would rather listen.

6. Threat Post

Why follow?Threat Post is an impartial news source that frequently reports on breaking stories related to information security. The blog, along with its podcast and video library, releases several posts every day. If you ever need a reliable citation on cyber security, Threat Post is a well-known and authoritative source with a sizable readership and an award-winning blog.

7. Infosecurity Magazine

Why follow?Infosecurity Magazine is a major cyber security publication that offers a wealth of information on its website. The website features a comprehensive directory of cyber security firms, a webinar channel, daily updates, and its own virtual conferences held throughout the year.

8. Inside Cybersecurity

Why follow?Inside Cybersecurity is a website whose goal is to inform professionals about federal laws that have an impact on digital security. Although it requires a subscription, the website offers behind-the-scenes reporting on legislation creation and its effects on the general public. Try the free trial to learn more about how cyber security and public policy interact.

9. BSSi2

Why follow?BSSi2 focuses on cyber security and IT for businesses. They frequently publish educational articles on a wide range of useful technology subjects. BSSi2’s blog may provide information on how to prevent, patch, or troubleshoot major hacks or glitches. The best thing about these articles is that they don’t require a lot of technical knowledge and are written with the average person in mind. This blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for a quick and simple explanation for a friend—or maybe even for yourself.

10. CyberArk

Why follow?CyberArk is among the select few security firms whose whole focus is on stopping cyberattacks. CyberArk is a highly influential blog that has the trust of many of the leading companies in the world when it comes to security. About every two weeks, the website is refreshed with smart, perceptive pieces on trending subjects like the most recent security and hacker conferences and the latest issues pertaining to global security.

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