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2023’s Top 7 White Label AI Software Tools

White-label AI software tools are here to help if you’re looking to harness the power of AI for your company or your clients.

With the help of AI SaaS solutions, you can completely brand and customize AI technologies to meet your unique requirements and deliver cutting-edge AI capabilities that are uniquely suited to your brand.

We’ll examine a few of the best white-label AI software choices in this post. We’ll look at how they make it simple to incorporate AI, personalize it, and even produce profitable recurring income on a monthly basis.

Top White Label Artificial Intelligence Software Resources

My top choices for the top AI white label SaaS tools are as follows:

  1. GoHighLevel — Best for comprehensive sales and marketing automation
  2. Stammer.ai — Best for custom AI-powered chatbots
  3. Formwise — Best for no-code custom AI tool creation
  4. AdCreative.ai — Best for AI-powered ad creatives
  5. CustomGPT — Best for personalized customer service and live chat
  6. Softr.io — Best for no-code AI app generation
  7. Groove.ai — Best for full-scale white label AI solutions

1. GoHighLevel

Through its white label platform, GoHighLevel, agencies are able to resell AI marketing services.

Businesses can more easily optimize their sales processes by automating tasks directly within the software, which combines marketing and sales automation into a single platform.

Landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, and even an inbound phone system are among the tools it provides for capturing leads.

The chatbot function facilitates lead generation and appointment scheduling automation via various channels of communication. GoHighLevel’s AI capabilities enable it to detect negative tones in conversations and identify relevant keywords to produce appropriate responses.

GoHighLevel leverages AI and machine learning marketing tools to facilitate two-way communication with customers and automate lead nurturing after leads are acquired.

The platform offers resources to develop leads by:

  • Voicemail
  • Forced calls
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger

GoHighLevel pipelines provide a view of the complete sales process by automatically guiding leads through stages.

Closing leads is the ultimate objective, and GoHighLevel provides tools for tracking analytics and collecting payments to help achieve this. It also manages the calendar, updating reservations, resolving conflicts, and texting or emailing reminders for appointments.

Conversation AI is a tool that leverages OpenAI models to comprehend and reply to user inquiries in a conversational manner. It is one of the most recent AI features.

It functions as a virtual assistant, offering help, advice, and responses via Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and other channels.

Appointment scheduling becomes much more efficient when Conversation AI is used to streamline customer conversations.

Without the need for human input, it can qualify consumers, lead them through a chat flow, and even schedule appointments. In order to optimize responses based on content it learns, the AI can also be trained using website URLs.

Integrating AI into workflows is another fantastic update that makes it possible to generate dynamic email and SMS replies based on custom prompts.

Positive or negative message intent can be detected by the AI, and it will react appropriately. Even messages can be translated into any language by it. The “temperature” value that agencies set controls how erratic or concentrated the AI output is.

Additionally, agencies are able to fully brand and customize GoHighLevel as their own software service, in contrast to the majority of marketing platforms that offer little to no white labeling.

GoHighLevel can be much more than just a logo added; it can be turned into a subscription software product that your agency owns and makes money from.

Additionally, agencies can easily streamline client communication across channels with the help of the iOS and Android mobile apps.

The best part is that agencies are able to have an infinite number of users, contacts, and sub-accounts. This essentially implies that you won’t be treated unfairly when you advance. GoHighLevel genuinely positions you for long-term success.

As you can see, GoHighLevel is a comprehensive platform that recognizes the needs of agencies, not just another sales tool. Customer interaction is about to change thanks to ongoing advancements in AI for sales and marketing.

For those interested in operating their own white label digital marketing software, GoHighLevel provides an extended 30-day free trial.

Start GoHighLevel 30-day trial

2. Stammer.ai

The fantastic Stammer.ai platform provides white label AI solutions to agencies.

Stammer provides an easy-to-use method for building and selling

clients with personalized ChatGPT chatbots without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Additionally, agencies are able to fully brand Stammer using their own name, logo, and website.

They can set their own prices, resell AI solutions directly to clients, and make sweet monthly recurring revenue thanks to this white labeling.

However, Stammer’s AI is much more than just a question-answering tool.

It is designed to produce tangible business outcomes, such as personalized quotes that are generated based on user input and automated booking.

Stammer combines a variety of cutting-edge AI tools so that agencies can develop, collaborate, and profit from AI-driven solutions.

We are discussing everything from branded dashboards to SaaS subscriptions, lead capturing, and sales automation.

Providing excellent customer service, developing captivating lead-generation experiences, and granting personnel immediate access to precise information are additional features.

Stammer is going to change the way agencies use AI, whether your goals are lead conversion, excellent customer service, or internal AI tools.

Start Stammer.ai free trial

3. Formwise

Do you have an entrepreneurial aspiration of developing your own personalized AI tools but lack the necessary coding expertise?

Form wise fulfills your wish for simple AI integration like a magical genie.

You can create stylish AI apps customized for your brand out of ChatGPT prompts with this clever white-label AI software.

Imagine developing a suite of generative tools that produce content for clients in your distinctive voice, including scripts, emails, and more.

Formwise’s ability to combine all of your AI tools into a single, elegant mobile portfolio is one of my favorite features.

They can be embedded anywhere with fully editable titles and icons.

Additionally, Formwise provides prompt chaining for workflow automation.

This enables you to combine ChatGPT prompts so that the answers flow naturally, producing solid solutions for you or your clients.

Depending on your needs, the pricing tiers range from entry-level to advanced.

Benefits like limitless tools, forms, widgets, white labeling, and access to multiple GPT engines are included with each.

With Formwise, practically anyone can leverage AI thanks to specialized tools that are in line with your audience’s needs and brand objectives.

Formwise’s approachable design makes AI widely available to enterprises, enabling them to improve their products and services.

Form wise provides the AI power; you bring the creativity.

Start Formise free trial

4. AdCreative.ai

Your new AI marketing tool, AdCreative, will generate eye-catching banners and ads that convert well for your customers.

This clever tool will reduce your workload by 90% and produce countless creative variations in just a few minutes.

You can now use that time to enhance growth and impress clients.

AdCreative allows you to personalize it with your own branding, URLs, and other elements if you are an agency owner.

You could even offer distinctive, creative packages to customers or resell it. By giving customers a tonne of on-brand options to choose from, this allows you to grow rapidly.

AdCreative also practically overnight turns your team into a master copywriting team.

To quickly train your team, it offers examples of various ad text formulas, such as listicle or problem-solution styles. They’ll be writing copy that converts like pros before you know it.

The features for analysis are equally amazing. AdCreative generates more than 80 data points per advertisement by tracking your clients’ best-performing creatives across all platforms.

They provide pricing options to suit every need, from small businesses to large agencies. You get credits, brands, an endless number of generations, numerous integrations, and much more with each.

To put it briefly, AdCreative is a fantastic partner for marketing firms looking to use AI to improve their offerings.

It’s a wise option for agencies of any size trying to save time while increasing results because of its feature set and cost.

Start AdCreative.ai free trial

5. CustomGPT

Another white label AI tool is CustomGPT, which enables companies to use their own data to create customized ChatGPT chatbots. It is intended to streamline customer support, live chat, workflows, and search by giving precise answers derived from your content without inventing anything. Everything on a private, safe platform designed for business.

Increasing productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction, and offering a competitive edge are the objectives. It safeguards the integrity of your brand by ensuring that ChatGPT responses are factual and free of fabrications. Use cases encompass customer support, assistance desks, and document research.

It’s easy to set up, ingesting business content fast and easily through file uploads or seamless website integration. Based on your data, ChatGPT-4 powers the generation of responses. Use live chat, APIs, website widgets, or ChatGPT plugins to implement your own bot.

To meet diverse needs, CustomGPT provides a range of plans. Basic permits 500 queries per month, 10 million words, 1000 pages per bot, and 3 bots. Limits are increased by Standard, and even more by Premium. Custom Enterprise pricing is available for particular requirements.

Additionally, CustomGPT provides white-labeling, just like all the tools on this list, enabling companies to create unique bots with client information and content that look professional.

This enables improved revenue, quick and inexpensive solutions, and smooth brand integration. A complete API is also available for workflow integration and the creation of programmatic bots.

Try CustomGPT

6. Softr.io

With its new AI App Generator for no-code app creation, Softr has made a significant step forward into the future. The amazing tool is designed to make the process of creating custom business apps that meet industry standards easier. Softr’s AI App Generator can handle all of your needs, including membership platforms, inventory management, client portals, and internal tools like CRM.

Making an app that is exclusively yours is the goal of the AI App Generator, not just any old app. With just a prompt, the generator will create an app that is tailored to your requirements and built on Softr’s reliable platform. Among the cool features are:

AI-Generated Themes, Designs, and Copy – Guarantees that your app sounds and looks authentic.
Data Integration: Data can be generated directly into programs like Google Sheets, and support for Airtable will be available soon.
Business Logic & Design: Apps are intuitive to use, with logic and a user-friendly design integrated right in.
Advanced Features: Provides a full app experience by supporting CRUD actions, user roles, and more.

The goal of Softr’s AI App Generator is to streamline and expedite the app development process. Their goal is to provide users with an unparalleled advantage by incorporating AI, which will enable faster, more efficient, and customized app creation.

For those who don’t know, Softr is a reliable platform that enables anyone to create solutions without knowing code and is utilized by over 100,000 teams worldwide. Softr maintains its position as the leader in no-code app creation with the AI App Generator.

Try Softr.io

7. Groove.ai

Groove.ai markets itself as a revolutionary platform that provides agencies and companies with a special white label AI solution. Several marketing tasks can be automated with this platform.

With the help of this special white label tool, you can fully customize industry-leading AI to perfectly represent your brand.

The main benefit is that Groove isn’t your only option.AI is wholly your own.

This entails making adjustments to the interface, colors, and logo to ensure a smooth transition to your agency’s style and voice.

Groove now becomes your very own top-tier AI ecosystem to promote your business.

Groove gives your agency the ability to start its own AI SaaS business. We’re discussing recurring revenue generation.

Groove offers the entire package to help you roll out your customized AI offering smoothly, including a sales website, promo videos, and more.

Groove goes above and beyond in terms of customization.

With Groove handling all backend development and support, you can run it on your domain. Customers will then see your brand name prominently displayed rather than Groove’s.

A committed support team makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Groove handles all the technical details, including sales, support, updates, and everything else. And everyone benefits from the profit-sharing model.

Once fees are paid, you divide the profits equally.

To put it briefly, Groove is a full white label AI solution designed specifically for agencies, not just another AI platform.

Groove enhances your offerings by automating marketing, improving copy, streamlining design, and more.

Try Groove.ai

Last Words on the Best White Label AI Tools

The best white-label AI software is now available for customization and resale.

As you can see, integrating strong AI capabilities that are specifically suited to your brand and business needs is incredibly simple thanks to these clever tools. White-label

AI can help you with marketing automation, web design optimization, and next-generation customer experiences.

The day is coming when AI platforms can be customized to your exact specifications. No more inflexible, one-size-fits-all fixes. With these adaptable technologies, you can offer your audience something special under your own brand.

Now is the perfect moment to start using white label AI, which will revolutionize customer engagement and help you expand your business. Just think of the possibilities once you can truly make AI your own! There are no limits.

I hope this post has given you a useful overview of the fascinating features that white label AI platforms can offer. I hope you have a lot of success utilizing these adaptable technologies! Please let me know if you need anything else; I’ll be pleased to assist!

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