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2023’s Top 29 AI Content Writing Tools

Being a skilled writer is more crucial than ever in the fast-paced digital world of today. Writing tools powered by AI can help with this.

You must be able to generate content fast in addition to having clear, succinct communication skills. Writing tools powered by AI can help with this.

What is an AI tool for creating content?

Software applications that use artificial intelligence to write more effectively and quickly are known as AI writing tools.

Using AI writing tools has three advantages.

  1. Enhanced productivity: You can write more quickly and effectively with the aid of AI writing software.
  2. Better quality: By identifying mistakes and making correction suggestions, AI writing tools can assist you in producing writing that is of higher quality.
  3. Improved rankings: SEO is crucial for any blog or website. A few of the AI writing tools listed below can assist you in optimizing your content for higher search engine rankings.

The top 29 AI tools for creating content

Which AI content writer is the best? The top artificial intelligence tools for content creation, paraphrasing, grammar, and other tasks are listed below!

No.Tool NameBenefitsPrice
1SEO.aiA must-have tool for analyzing semantic keywords and optimizing content for search enginesFree trial, Subscription
2HubSpotA free content writer from the no. 1 Inbound Marketing platformFree, Subscription
3ChatGPTA powerful language generation model for a variety of writing tasksFree, Subscription
4GPT-3 by OpenAIGenerates human-like text, making it a powerful tool for writersAPI access through subscription
5QuillBotAI-powered paraphrasing tool for faster writingFree trial, Subscription
6GrammarlyChecks grammar, spelling, and punctuation and improves writing styleFree trial, Subscription
7Jasper.aiHelps write efficiently with sentence suggestions and plagiarism checkingFree trial, Subscription
8Hemingway EditorImproves writing clarity and concisenessFree, Subscription
9ProWritingAidA grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentorFree trial, Subscription
10Rytr.meAI writing helper that produces content in secondsFree, Subscription
11Frase.ioHelps research, write, and optimize content for Google’s first pageSubscription
12Copy.aiAn NLP-based text machine for social media and email marketingFree, Subscription
13INKCreate content with over 50 templates and a smart Chrome extension.Subscription
14WordtuneAn AI writing assistant for websites and apps, suggesting better alternatives.Free, Subscription
15WriterAI writing platform for enterprises, automates content creation and editing.Free trial, Subscription
16LongShotGenerates blogs and content using AI.Free trial, Subscription
17GetGenieWordPress plugin that replaces 10+ apps with AI capabilities.Subscription
18AI-WriterGenerates articles from a headline using AI.Free trial, Subscription
19RewordCreates people-first articles that are highly readable and engaging.Free trial, Subscription
20SudowriteVutting-edge AI-powered writing assistant.Free trial, Subscription
21SurferAI-powered platform that streamlines content creation process.Subscription
22GrowthbarReal-time suggestions, keyword optimization, and readability checks.Subscription
23WritesonicStreamlines writing process and produce high-quality content.Free trial, Subscription
24ScalenutHelps maximizing your ROI and scale your organic traffic.Free trial, Subscription
25Outrankingoffers AI-assisted workflow, in-built SEO content management for teams.Subscription
26HoppycopyAI-powered copywriting tool.Free trial, Subscription
27Closerscopytop-of-the-line AI copywriting tool that will bring your marketing copy to life.Subscription
28Neutral TextDiscover keywords, cluster them, and analyze their SEO potential, all in one place.Try for 1 USD, Subscription
29SEOmatorSEO audit toolFree trial, Subscription

1) SEO.ai

URL: https.//seo.ai

SEO.ai is an indispensable tool if rankings are important to you. With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, this brand-new tool will assist you in analyzing semantic keywords, crafting articles with a search intent focus, and optimizing your content for considerably quicker and more effective search engine results.

The main benefit is SEO.ai’s integration of an advanced AI writing assistant powered by semantic keyword analysis performed by NLP with its basic Google Doc style editor. The platform compares every text you write to the competition and supports over 100 languages.

2) HubSpot

URL: https://www.hubspot.com/

It is practically hard to scale a business’s content output without adding more resources. Businesses can quickly create copy for a variety of programs and channels with HubSpot’s free AI writer.

Watch as HubSpot’s content assistant tools create a first draft of your next blog post, landing page, or email to prospects by entering a prompt or topic. You can even use the dedicated AI Email Writer to draft, send, track, and analyze your email efforts in one location when you have access to HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools.

3) ChatGPT

URL: https://openai.com/

A robust language generation model, ChatGPT can help with a range of writing assignments.

Using machine learning algorithms, this cutting-edge AI technology comprehends natural language input and produces responses that are human-like. ChatGPT’s sophisticated features enable it to be used for a variety of tasks, including summarization, language translation, and conversation creation.

ChatGPT, in contrast to SEO.ai, focuses on offering a general-purpose AI language model that can be adjusted for a range of NLP tasks rather than on SEO. In order to improve the naturalness and relevancy of its responses, ChatGPT also has extensive text data and supports a wide variety of languages.

4) GPT-4 by OpenAI

URL: https://openai.com/gpt-4

The most recent algorithm created by OpenAI, a company that is significantly advancing artificial intelligence, is GPT-4. GPT-4 is an extremely useful tool for writers because it can produce text that is identical to text that has been written by humans.

The majority of the top AI writing tools available incorporate GPT 4 technology into their software to enhance its functionality

5) QuillBot

URL: https://quillbot.com/

With QuillBot, you can write more effectively and quickly thanks to artificial intelligence. It has functions like a thesaurus, style recommendations, and grammar checking. The main function of QuillBot is its paraphrasing tool, which assists users in rewriting and improving paragraphs, articles, and sentences.

6) Grammarly

URL: https://www.grammarly.com/

One of the most widely used AI writing tools available is Grammarly. It checks your writing for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation using artificial intelligence. It also offers tips on how to make your writing more polished. It currently only functions in English.

7) Jasper

URL: https://www.jasper.ai/

Jasper, an AI writing tool that was formerly known as conversion.ai and Jarvis, suggests different sentences to help you write more effectively. Jasper offers templates for a variety of copywriting assignments, such as writing blog posts, books, and Facebook ads.

Jasper additionally comes with an add-on plagiarism detector from Copyscape to assist you in preventing unintentional plagiarism.

8) Hemingway Editor

URL: https://hemingwayapp.com/

One tool that can assist you in writing more succinctly and clearly is the Hemingway Editor. It points out parts of your writing that are hard to read and makes recommendations for how to make them better. The Hemingway Editor is a popular tool used by bloggers and copywriters to enhance their writing.

9) ProWritingAid

URL: https://prowritingaid.com/

All of the benefits of a style editor, writing coach, and grammar checker combined. Many writers make a few common mistakes, but you can avoid them and become a better writer by using ProWritingAid. You can share your ideas with confidence if you follow simple, clear steps.

10) Rytr

URL: https://rytr.me/

With Rytr.me, an AI writing assistant, you can create content at a fraction of the cost in a matter of seconds. Their AI content tool is used by over a million people, and they offer a free plan.

This automatic copywriting tool is a great little aid if you’re having trouble writing. Simply choose a use case (template), add some context, and then let the tool handle the remaining tasks.

11) Frase

URL: https://www.frase.io/

Frase helps you write, research, and optimize your content for Google’s first page in minutes rather than hours.

Fase is now a well-known platform with a wide variety of intelligent templates to assist you in completing a wide range of SEO tasks. Additionally, it has become an even more effective time-saver for content writers and SEOs with the addition of their new topic research module.

12) Copy

URL: https://www.copy.ai/

Experience the power of an NLP-based text machine that can deliver text in a matter of seconds and wave goodbye to the blank page. Copy.ai is a very user-friendly tool that works well for email and social media marketing.

13) INK

URL: https://inkforall.com/

You can choose from more than 50 templates on inkforall.com to assist you in creating AI content. Whatever kind of content you require, they have a template available. They have a clever Chrome Extension that forces you to write on the places you work—think Google Docs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

14) Wordtune

URL: https://www.wordtune.com/

Wordtune is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that functions on the websites and applications you love, such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. The easy way is to make better suggestions based on the context of the words you have already written.

15) Writer

URL: https://writer.com/

Writer is an AI writing tool intended for business use. Teams can produce unique content that adheres to their brand guidelines by using the best-performing content as a training tool.

The time and effort needed to create content can be decreased by using Writer to automate AI content creation and editing. Writer is a HIPAA- and SOC-2-compliant, multi-team-supporting, B2B-trained model. Subscriptions are available for the platform.

16) LongShot

URL: https://www.longshot.ai/

A tool called LongShot AI uses artificial intelligence to produce content and blogs. Both a free trial and a subscription are available. The program guarantees that the content it produces is factually correct and can produce content for a range of purposes.

Popular tools like WordPress, Semrush, Hubspot, Ghost, and Medium are integrated with LongShot. Additionally, you can integrate AI into your workflow anywhere on the internet by using the LongShot Chrome Extension.

17) GetGenie

URL: https://getgenie.ai/

With its AI capabilities, GetGenie AI provides a straightforward WordPress plugin that can replace over ten apps. Features like competitor analysis, SEO analysis, and AI-assisted content creation are included. There’s a trial version available for free.

18) AI-Writer

URL: https://ai-writer.com/

Using AI writing models, the content generation platform AI-Writer creates articles based on headlines. Users can test its features with a free trial before committing to a subscription for ongoing use. Content produced by AI-Writer is original, pertinent, and search engine optimized.

To guarantee the accuracy of its articles, it additionally offers a list of citations that can be verified. It also includes an SEO-focused text editor and a feature for rewording text. The platform also includes a source summarizer and a (sub)topic discover feature.

19) Reword

URL: https://reword.co/

Reword is a writing assistant powered by AI that is intended for SEO marketers. It aids authors in producing highly readable, captivating articles that put the needs of readers first.

The application provides teamwork, practical guidance, and an AI that has been trained on your written articles. In addition, Reword offers integration with your content stack, readability and grammar checks, and natural internal links. It’s an effective tool that can help content producers increase the performance of their work and save time.

20) Sudowrite

URL: https://www.sudowrite.com/

For SEO marketers, Sudowrite is a novel AI-powered writing assistant that provides a distinctive experience. It assists you in producing engaging content for your audience by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing.

Features of Sudowrite include readability checks, keyword optimization, tone and style analysis, and real-time suggestions. Additionally, it provides a platform for collaboration where you can ask team members to collaborate on your content. With Sudowrite, you can produce excellent, SEO-optimized content that increases website traffic while saving time.

21) Surfer

URL: https://surferseo.com/

Your content creation process can be streamlined with Surfer SEO, an AI-powered platform. You can produce high-quality articles in just 20 minutes with its Outline Builder and real-time metrics.

Along with supporting many languages, it provides a plethora of information and assistance via webinars, Surfer Academy, and a community Facebook group. To improve your SEO strategy, give Surfer a try now.

22) Growthbar

URL: https://www.growthbarseo.com/

Are you looking for a strong tool to produce content that is optimized and brings visitors to your website? With features like readability checks, keyword optimization, and real-time suggestions, this AI-powered writing tool can help you write faster and produce better content.

Additionally, working with your team and optimizing your content for all of your marketing channels is made simple by its collaborative platform and suite of AI writing tools.

23) Writesonic

URL: https://writesonic.com/

Writesonic is a noteworthy AI writing tool to consider if you’re searching for something strong. This platform assists you in streamlining your writing process and producing excellent content at breakneck speed, from ideation to content creation.

Writesonic is a tool designed for writers, e-commerce stores, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs, with over 100 features.

24) Scalenut

URL: https://www.scalenut.com/

Scalenut’s features, which include plan, research, create, optimize, and generate, enable you to quickly increase your organic traffic and maximize your return on investment. The platform can provide you with the complete keyword plan for your niche, help you develop effective strategies and insights, write SEO content that ranks, audit and implement SEO content, and much more.

25) Outranking

URL: https://www.outranking.io/

This platform has built-in SEO content management for teams, AI-assisted workflow, and seamless integration with necessary content creation tools. You can organize, research, write, optimize, and track your content in one location with Outranking.io.

Even more, the platform creates customized content briefs that are search engine optimized and suited to your brand.

26) Hoppycopy

URL: https://www.hoppycopy.co/

With Copy, an AI-powered copywriting tool, SEO marketers can easily and effectively create newsletters, email campaigns, and other content. Hoppy Copy creates high-converting content for nearly every kind of email using more than fifty AI-generated email templates that are based on mathematically validated formulas.

With the help of the sophisticated editing tools, users can write anything they want and easily edit, rewrite, and create original content that will stick.

27) Closerscopy

URL: https://www.closerscopy.com/

Developed to make your marketing copy come to life, ClosersCopy is an elite AI copywriting tool. ClosersCopy’s proprietary AI, which is unmatched in the industry, enables you to quickly create long-form content that is both SEO-optimized and customized to the distinct voice of your brand.

The platform’s templates are an excellent place to start when coming up with new ideas, and its thesaurus feature makes sure your writing is unique and not overdone.

28) Neutral Text

URL: https://www.neuraltext.com/

NeuralText makes it simple to find keywords, group them together, and evaluate their SEO potential in one location. Another game-changer is the AI-powered copywriter, which produces excellent content that consistently connects with the author’s intended audience.

29) SEOmator

URL: https://seomator.com/

Use the AI Assistant from SEOmator to increase your SEO skills. With regard to competitor analysis, performance tracking, keyword research, content optimization, and thorough reporting, this AI-powered tool gives content writers and SEO specialists the upper hand. Your workflow is streamlined by SEOmator’s AI Assistant thanks to its creative solutions and insightful analysis.

By utilizing SEOmator’s AI Assistant, you can maintain your competitive edge in the search engine results pages.

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