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2023’s Top 25 Landing Page Examples

The distinction between a website visitor and a buyer can be made by a well-designed landing page. Here are 30 excellent landing page examples to get you started.

Landing pages are one of your most effective tools in the world of digital marketing for converting buyers.

A carefully crafted and attractive landing page can make the difference between a website visitor who is just looking around and one who becomes a devoted client.

The significance of this cannot be emphasized.

Prior to looking at 30 instances of carefully constructed landing pages from various brands, we’ll briefly discuss what landing pages are and how to optimize them in this article.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is more than just a regular website; it’s a page created to persuade visitors to carry out a certain action.

This can involve making a purchase, joining a club, downloading a guide, or requesting a price from your company.

Landing pages aim to convey the necessary information clearly and to eliminate any unnecessary distractions in order to enhance the possibility that website visitors will take the intended action.

Optimizing Your Landing Page

What then goes into making a successful landing page?

The good news is that you may utilize a variety of strategies to optimize your landing page if you’re thinking about creating one.

Generally speaking, you want to design a straightforward, mobile-friendly page that addresses the target audience directly. However, when it comes to the content, the following are only a few efficient techniques to use:

  • Strong headline and body copy: Your headline is often the first thing a user sees when they arrive at your landing page. You should make sure it resonates with your target audience, and that any surrounding copy provides the right context, highlights your unique value proposition, and sells through the message.
  • Engaging, cohesive visuals: When it comes to landing pages, visuals really matter. They can help further emphasize your value prop, as well as help communicate your brand voice to website visitors. Be strategic about what visuals you use and where. Videos and images should be high quality and engaging, and think about how you can use animated and illustrated assets to show, not tell. Also, be thoughtful about your use of color and how the page’s color palette can elicit the response you want from visitors.
  • Compelling call to action (CTA): Every landing page has a CTA, and this is the action you want your visitor to take. Yours should be positioned prominently on the page, and leverage action-oriented language to convince your visitors to make a move.
  • Social proof: Building trust can be crucial in converting customers, but sometimes you only have a small window in which to do so. Including trust indicators such as customer or partner logos, customer reviews, and even testimonials can effectively establish trust quickly.

These are only a handful of the numerous techniques and approaches that go into creating a successful landing page, as I previously stated. Where that originated from is only the beginning.

Additionally, there are a ton of SEO-specific techniques used to guarantee that your page ranks. These are the ones we discuss here: How To Make The Right Landing Page Rank: A Complete SEO Checklist.

30 Examples Of Great Landing Pages In 2023

1. Netflix

Start with Netflix’s impressive site, which is a well-known brand.

The landing page for the streaming juggernaut is succinct, simple, and just contains the information that is necessary.

Users find it quite simple to accomplish the page’s objective, which is to submit their email address in order to begin a Netflix membership.

Why It Works:

Starting with Netflix appears to be a simple process thanks to a single field form above the page fold.
It describes the brand’s value proposition briefly and makes it obvious that you can cancel at any moment.
It gives information on fundamental prices up front so people don’t have to search for it in obscure places.

2. GitHub

It should come as no surprise that GitHub, a web-based platform that enables developers to “build, scale, and deliver secure software,” has experience creating effective websites.

Its “GitHub for enterprises” landing page is an excellent illustration of a landing page that is both aesthetically attractive and functional, including as much information as is necessary to encourage the user to convert.

Why It Functions
stark images with a black background and standing-out white writing.
Brief copy above the fold that emphasizes the features users will care about most.
Proof points, such as client logos and quotes, are scattered throughout.
Visitors who want to start a free trial and those who want to get in touch with sales to learn more are served by two different CTAs.

3. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a home meal planning and delivery service that gives its clients a choice of different subscription packages.

This landing page’s objective is to persuade visitors to see the plans in order to choose which one best suits their needs, and it succeeds in this endeavor admirably.

  • Why It Functions
  • It employs high-quality pictures to display its product and has a bright, tidy aesthetic.
  • The brand’s extensive menu of meal options and its ability to accommodate a wide range of consumer preferences and lifestyles are both well communicated in the copy. It restates the fundamental value propositions of worth and practicality.
  • Repeating the same CTA throughout the page encourages visitors to click through.
  • without being excessively long, does a fantastic job of presenting important brand and product aspects.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp, an email and marketing automation software, has earned a reputation for effective B2B marketing, and its “Grow with Mailchimp” landing page is just one more illustration of this.

The page’s vibrant colors and vibrant graphics immediately attract your attention and are intended to entice visitors to Sign Up for a Mailchimp account.

It immediately outlines what you can do with Mailchimp before going on to describe how its solutions can benefit expanding enterprises.

Why It Functions
Above the fold, there is a straightforward, obvious CTA.
Bright colors and entertaining graphics grab the user’s attention, highlight the qualities of the product, and foster a favorable brand relationship. This article’s use of images effectively conveys the essence of Mailchimp as a brand.
A compelling value proposition that clearly states who it is intended for, why you should use it, and how many other brands have joined the bandwagon.

5. Muzzle

As described by the company, Muzzle is “a simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing.” Furthermore, even if you didn’t pay attention to the material, the landing page does a fantastic job of persuading you to download the software.

When you first arrive at muzzleapp.com, you see the company logo, a succinct product description, and a large Download CTA that is clickable.

However, you soon become distracted by the colorful notifications that appear on your screen and quickly fill it with humiliating messages that you would never want to appear during a business conversation.

Why It Functions
The website cleverly and effectively illustrates the use case for the product through humor.
The page is restrained visually, with muted greys that prevent it from becoming overbearing and aid in emphasizing the animated notifications.
The CTA button is prominent, clear, and centered, and it stands out with a splash of color.

6. Monday.com

You might end up on the Monday Work Management for Marketing landing page if you’re a marketer trying to strengthen the project management skills of your team.

We appreciate this landing page for a few reasons, which we’ll detail below, designed to demonstrate how the Monday work management tool may directly benefit marketing teams.

Why It Works:

It is participative. Before asking users to click the “Get started” CTA button, the page offers a variety of various boxes for them to check, asking them to choose what they would like to work on.
Because of the white background, simple branding, and minimalist design, the large, bold, black writing shines out. The words “marketing and creative” are highlighted in purple on this page to help users realize they are on the appropriate page for marketing and creative teams.
It explains the function of the product and deals with the many niche pain points of its target market.


STEEZY screenshot from August 2023Trying to find a new hobby? Why not pick up dancing? Customers who use the online learning platform STEEZY Studio can take dance lessons from the comfort of their own homes. For students of all skill levels, it offers step-by-step directions so they may pick up the moves at their own leisure.

And if you’re not convinced yet, the STEEZY homepage might do it for you.

Why It Works:

  • Visitors to the page are immediately met with looping video examples of the product itself: clips from online dance classes. They look fun and exciting, and show side-by-side clips of the classes themselves alongside people dancing along at home, showing users what they could achieve with the product.
  • You’re also instantly met with a product promise in big capital letters: “REACH YOUR DANCE GOALS.” And next to the video examples, you start believing that you could do just that!
  • CTA is clear, and the copy highlights the fact that STEEZY has over 1500+ online classes and programs to choose from.
  • Social proof is also included above the fold with logos from well-known publications where the company has been featured.

8. Dropbox

Although there are numerous uses for a file hosting service like Dropbox, this landing page emphasizes on how it facilitates online collaboration for teams and independent contractors.

The hero copy, which emphasizes how Dropbox provides everything you need in one location, makes this point very clear.

The sub-copy discusses the various services and capabilities that Dropbox provides and how they would “simplify your work and life.”

Visitors can also view a humorous animation that clearly explains the operation of the product, and the page even offers comprehensive pricing details.

Why It Works:

Animations that are entertaining and explain how the product works in general.
Users can trial the product for free thanks to a big, obvious CTA.
Visitors can compare various product tiers in an interactive price section to choose which is best for them.

Visitors can also view a humorous animation that clearly explains the operation of the product, and the page even offers comprehensive pricing details.

9. Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade, the company’s new video game subscription service, has launched, and we adore its main page.

Here are a few justifications.

Why It Functions

The majority of the browser space above the fold is devoted to displaying animated graphics from the Apple Arcade game category. The visitor is completely immersed by the large images, which provide a fantastic sneak peek of what to anticipate from the product.
The majority of the copy is sparse since Apple prefers to let graphics speak for themselves. For those with an interest, the key selling features are listed below in bold, red text: unlimited access, no advertisements, and play both online and offline.

10. Oxygen

Targeting entrepreneurs and company owners, Oxygen is a financial services platform providing both personal and business banking options. This is evident from the product’s landing page, which describes who the product is for and displays images of the slick app’s user interface.

Why It Functions
Enter your email and start the process using this one-field form.
The copy emphasizes the audience that the product serves, i.e., who should be interested in it.
There are few distractions and the logo is simple and elegant. To pique attention, the page includes pictures and brief animations of the Oxygen product.

11. Wealthsimple

Canadian customers can get investing resources and financial guidance through Wealthsimple, an online investment management service. With a straightforward yet effective landing page, it also provides a tax filing solution, Wealthsimple Tax.

Why It Functions
Large, noticeable value proposition that uses the term “free” is always appealing to clients.
The content is extremely condensed and concentrated on offering a remedy for customers’ problems. It acts as a reminder that the service is free.
Excellent use of color and visually appealing animations and graphics throughout that reward visitors.
Social evidence is provided through client endorsements and brand names.

12. Scale

A business called Scale is working to hasten the creation of AI apps.

It has a strong landing page for Scale Data Engine, a solution that aids users in data collection, curation, annotation, and evaluation.

Let’s examine a few causes for its success.

Why It Works:

  • Above the fold is simple and elegant, with visuals focusing on the product’s primary use cases. A simple CTA to Book a Demo keeps the focus streamlined.
  • The page leans into social proof to show that it’s trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies and most advanced AI teams, from OpenAI to Meta, Microsoft, and more. Not only does the page showcase customer logos, but it also links out to more details case studies with some of these household names.
  • The page is visually cohesive and focused on highlighting important features and use cases while providing enough detail to convince visitors to learn more.

13. DoorDash

In the US, DoorDash is a platform for online meal ordering and delivery. Customers can use the app to order delivery from their preferred nearby restaurants, and “Dashers,” the company’s delivery personnel, will then deliver the food.

This landing page specifically targets potential Dashers with the intention of enticing them to sign up.

Why It Functions
The purpose of the page’s hero copy is to address the visitor directly and persuade them to join up: You can choose your own working hours and be your own boss. In order to sell something, it taps into their desires and sources of suffering.
Entering your zip code and pressing Next are the only two steps required to get started.

For those who want more information first, the page covers the most important questions, such as how much they can earn, what kind of gear and equipment they’ll need, and what the requirements are to sign up, as well as an FAQ section.

14. Overpass

Overpass is an online talent marketplace and payment platform focused on helping companies hire and manage sales and support contractors.

Its landing page promotes its Assisted Hiring product, which provides hands-on, ongoing assistance from real people to make the hiring process easier and save customers time.

Why It Works:

  • Uses an engaging tone of voice; the page opens with a punchy, effective line: “Hiring remote doesn’t have to suck.” This speaks to the painful process of hiring remotely, and how Overpass can make everything easier for customers. This conversational, friendly tone is consistent throughout the whole page.
  • Fun, bright visuals and animations draw your attention and create positive brand feelings.
  • Single form field and CTA to Start hiring make it feel like users can achieve their goals with the click of a button.
  • Includes an FAQ drop-down menu to address some of the common questions visitors might have.

15. Miro

Distributed teams can collaborate visually from a distance using the platform Miro. Think of a whiteboard on your PC instead. You get my point.

The homepage of Miro is a fantastic illustration of an A+ landing page that offers the appropriate information in the right location.

Why It Works:

  • Miro instantly speaks to its target audience about what it can do for them: “Take ideas from better to best.” The copy throughout the page is short, snappy, and conveys exactly what it needs to about why you want this product, and who and what it’s built for.
  • A single field form above the fold prompts visitors to enter their work email, specifying that using their work email rather than their personal email will allow them to “keep work and life separate.” It’s a small touch, but a nice nod to the fact that Miro knows its customers are humans, and respects their personal lives.
  • The page includes numbers to showcase social proof effectively. For example, “Trusted by 50M+ users,” “Based on 5149+ reviews,” and “99% of the Fortune 100 are customers.”

16. Squarespace

You’ve probably heard of Squarespace if you’ve ever constructed your own website. It is a platform for creating and hosting websites that makes it simple for individuals and companies to do so.

It’s wonderful to see that Squarespace can create a powerful landing page on its own. This one seeks to persuade users to begin using Squarespace by demonstrating how to create a website using one of its templates.

Why It Functions
short, sweet, and fuss-free. On this page, there is no need to scroll endlessly because all the information you require is available above the fold.
It has strong visual impact. The text is large, bold, and white with a black background. In the background, scrolling images of various website layouts can be seen, all of which are stunning.
There isn’t a lot of text, but what there is highlights the user’s lack of commitment and ease of use: “Easy-to-edit,” “no coding needed,” and “free trial, no credit card required.” Even the CTA button, which reads “See templates” rather than asking the customer to sign up or provide personal information, comes out as uncommittal.

17. Prose

Customers can get customized, made-to-order hair and skin formulas from the beauty company Prose.

The company’s mission is to provide tailored care, and its formulae are created by asking clients to complete an interactive quiz about their tastes, lifestyle, and other factors.

With a focus on Prose’s skincare offerings, this landing page entices visitors to take the survey and receive their personalized formula.

Why It Functions
Colors from the high-quality product imagery are carried over to the on-screen content and design elements to create a visually coherent experience.
The major brand differentiation and value propositions are really emphasized in the copy: This is made-to-order, individually tailored skincare that is based on your needs. All over the website, the phrases “custom” and “customized” are used.
Through consumer feedback data and trust-building before/after photographs of in-house dermatologists, it places an emphasis on social proof.

18. Khan Academy

The goal of the educational organization Khan Academy is to offer free education to children all over the world. It offers activities, instructional videos, and learning resources so that students can learn at their own pace.

This landing page aims to generate interest in Khanmigo, the AI-powered assistant from Khan Academy.

Why It Works:

  • The page offers two distinct CTAs – one to sign up and Get Khanmigo, and another to Subscribe to the company’s newsletter. While the former stands out with a blue button, users have the choice based on what they’re looking for – and either way, the company benefits.
  • The layout is simple and centered, with each section providing just enough information without going overboard with links and an overwhelming amount of detail
  • The use of visuals is varied and thoughtful. At the top, users see an animated example of what Khanmigo looks like and how it works, and below that, a video explainer from Sal Khan himself dives into the product. Below that, you can see screenshot examples of the key product features and how they work in action.

19. Storyworth

Looking for a special gift for a member of your family? You could think about Storyworth.

How it works is as follows: When you give someone a subscription, they receive an email every week with a question of your choosing. They send you and whoever else you specify a reply to the email with their response. All of their tales are collected at the year’s conclusion into a book that you can retain.

The goal of this landing page is to welcome new users to Storyworth and persuade them to purchase the item.

Why It Functions
By highlighting the value of sharing our unique tales and the fact that Storyworth makes it possible to save special memories and moments, the copy engages our emotions. The emotional tone, which emphasizes connection with your loved ones, is constant across the page.
CTA buttons are thoughtfully positioned in relevant sections where customers may feel most pressured to purchase.
Press mentions and Trustpilot reviews are clearly shown as social proof on the page.
To make it easier for new users to grasp, the “How it works” section breaks down the product.

20. Going

Going, formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, is a website that makes it easy to find special travel offers from your preferred airports.

Going’s site is an excellent illustration of a landing page designed to convert, and we adore it.

Why It Functions
Your flights are too pricey, according to the copy, which is carefully tailored to address that particular pain issue. I think we can all relate to that. Going is then presented as the answer to this issue, and it informs you that you may be saving “hundreds” on flights. The brand concentrates on the value proposition of price/money saved in each section of the page while keeping it brief and to the point.
The visual journey is enjoyable without being overpowering. The Going team shakes things up with dynamic graphics and adorable small pictures that evoke playfulness and a desire to travel.
We’d all want to receive inexpensive flight alerts, which is the main focus of the CTA copy.

21. Notion

Notion is an online workspace and productivity solution that enables you to centralize your work and tools.

We particularly like how this landing page emphasizes the value that Notion offers to organizations. This is why.

Why It Works:

  • Like most of Notion’s marketing, the page is simple – a white background with mostly black visual elements and copy, and pops of color here and there. It’s also infused with Notion’s signature illustrations, which help build out a personality and unique voice for the brand.
  • The copy is compelling. It specifies the product’s audience (small teams all the way to large organizations), and touches on some of the tools that Notion can bring together for you. Then, the page dives into some specific capabilities that users might be interested in – each bolstered with a quote from a customer.
  • Again, here, we see the repeated reminder that Notion is a freemium product, and all you need to do is click the button to start for free. This is always going to be a motivator for customers, FYI!

22. Spotify

You’re definitely familiar with Spotify because it’s one of the most widely used music and podcast streaming services worldwide, if not the most widely used.

Even paid customers who are considering subscribing to Spotify’s Premium membership tier may find themselves on this page.

Why It Functions
This page has been condensed with one very clear objective in mind: persuading visitors to try a Premium membership. It uses very little language and concentrates on the essentials: what the membership entails, the benefits of joining, and how to personalize it to your tastes. Visitors will find it simple to comprehend as a result.
A great splash of color that grabs your attention is the purple header! Then, for easier navigation, the page is divided into various sections with distinct colors.
This value proposition is obvious: Get three months of Premium for nothing. Anytime, cancel. It’s challenging to refuse that.

23. Teamway

The company Teamway advertises itself as a “member-owned society where world-class tech professionals team up with progressive companies to build meaningful products and services.” Really nice, no?

The same can be said for this landing page, which was created to motivate you to begin using Teamway.

Why It Works:

  • You’ll notice that Teamway lets big headline copy do most of the talking on this page; there’s not a ton of small sub-copy. The opening line, “Assemble your dream team,” is a tantalizing promise, and it continues to pique your interest by throwing out simple yet effective numbers in its copy. “Hire in just 4 days” and “Make your budget go 4x further” – we can all easily understand these benefits.
  • Speaking of letting things do the talking, Teamway really relies on visuals to help tell the story here. The scrolling headshot feed at the top of the page is a really unique tactic to stand apart from other companies and make you feel like you’re dealing with real people.
  • The page includes a comparison against its competitors, as well as an FAQ section and a quick overview of how the product works – all helpful information to convince someone to convert.

24. Pitch

Pitch is presentation software that enables you to easily create beautiful decks in collaboration with your team.

We love this homepage, which is a gorgeous example of a well-designed and thoughtful landing page.

Why It Functions
It’s jam-packed with vibrant, energizing images that scroll over the screen in various ways, really giving you the impression that you, too, might come up with stylish ideas using this product.
The product’s features, functionality, and appearance in use are all clearly described in the prose and images, along with any integrations that might be of interest to you.
You may also view value propositions based on who you are and what you do in an interactive area. Simply choose “I’m a designer” or “I run a business” to see what features could be of most interest to you.

25. Zenefits

Zenefits is a platform for people operations that aids businesses in managing their personnel services, including HR, benefits, payroll, time off, etc.

The business is also skilled in creating effective landing pages in addition to great human resources software.

We adore Zeneftis’ homepage as an illustration of how landing pages can be used to your advantage.

Why It Works:

  • Once you land on the homepage, you’re met with copy calling out a common pain point: “Spending too much time on HR, not your business?” Here, Zenefits is speaking to its target consumers, telling them, “We can fix that.”
  • There’s a bright, big CTA to enter your email and Try It Now, as well as an additional copy that lets you know it’s a free demo with no setup and no credit card needed. A no-brainer!
  • In case you need more information before making the jump, you can scroll down the page to read about some of the key product features (and see them in action through quick video clips).
  • Got questions? Zenefits includes a handy chatbot in the bottom corner of the landing page to get your FAQs answered live.

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