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12 Stunning AI Tools That You Can Actually Get For Free!

  1. Future Tools: Your Passport to Amazing AI

Imagine this, for example: Future Tools is a website where yours truly, the curator, sorts through 2,431 AI tools and counting.

It is a central location for the most amazing AI findings, and every day I add new treasures.

I understand, though; the sheer volume may be debilitating. I’ve got you covered with the greatest freebies in this post because of that.

  1. ChatGPT: Your Companion AI

Have you heard about ChatGPT? It resembles the rock star of the AI community. Although there is a paid version, the free version is still rather good.

It’s my go-to resource for anything creative, whether I’m looking for advice or need help brainstorming ideas for videos or copywriting. You can locate it at chat.open.com, I assure you.

  1. Google Bard: Perusing with Intelligence

Another chatbot on the block, Google Bard, was just given a makeover with Gemini Pro.

This is your savior if you require a chatbot to browse the internet. It breaks down the greatest burritos in San Diego for your convenience by color-coding the confidence levels.

Discover it at b.google.r — your complimentary chatbot partner.

  1. Claude from Anthropic: Expert Summarizing

Claude is a treasure from Anthropic; he functions similarly to ChatGPT but excels at summarizing extensive content.

It’s the one you use to convert those unending PDFs into manageable bullet points because of its enormous 200,000 token context window.

You might not even need the premium version after checking it out.

  1. Character AI: Lighthearted Discussions with Fiction

Now let’s use Character AI to lighten things up. It truly is the chatbot for entertainment and games.

You’ll have some amusing talks if you choose or create a fictional character.

Ideal for a lighthearted break and very well-liked by the younger generation. It’s available at character.a, and yes, it’s completely free.

  1. The Perplexity Chrome Extension: Revealing Internet Knowledge

Let me introduce you to my hidden weapon, the Chrome addon Perplexity.

It is much more than just a stand-alone bot; it explores websites thoroughly, summarizing content and responding to your inquiries.

Do you need information on AI video tools? Confusing has got you covered. Locate it, press it, and watch the enchantment unfold.

  1. AI Animation and Image Playground: Unleash Your Ingenuity

Let’s now discuss making fantasies come true.

A vast realm of creativity awaits you, ranging from the delights of real-time canvas magic to AI picture generators such as Idiogram and animation marvels like Pika.

Jump in, get creative, and show off your artistic side.

  1. Playphrase.me: Locate Your Best Video

Have you ever had the experience of remembering a quote but not the show or movie it comes from?

Your go-to video search engine for targeted text snippets is Playphrase.me.

a treasure trove for content producers looking for the ideal meme or footage.

This one is revolutionary; bid adieu to interminable scrolling.

  1. Music on Demand with Mubert and Sun. A

Do you require a sound track for your content? Mubert has everything you need. It’s an AI music generator that you can use for free, provided you give credit to Mubert.

For a more customized encounter, Sun.

It goes up a notch with an A on Discord. Explore the world of artificial intelligence-generated music; your ears will appreciate it.

  1. Vocal Eliminator: Mute the Words, Turn Up the Music

Have a song you adore but wish to have the vocals removed? Your ticket is Vocal Remover, available at vocalremover.org.

It creates an entirely new auditory experience by separating the lyrics from the music.

Ideal for remixing your favorite songs or for those instrumental feelings.

  1. Meta’s Audio Box: An Extravaganza of Sound Effects

Let’s discuss narration and sound effects.

You may create speech, restyle voices, and remove noise from recordings with Meta’s Audio Box, which can be found in the audio box. demo lab. docomo.

A platform for content makers to explore and enhance their audio experience through experimentation.

  1. Pinocchio Browser: Instant Access to Open Source AI

Finally, but just as easily, picture a browser that allows you to just click to install open-source AI technologies.

For you, that’s Pinocchio Browser. AI fans can explore a variety of topics, such as stable diffusion, face fusion, magic, and animation.

Enter and explore the mysteries of AI that are awaiting you.

To sum up, your AI journey awaits.

That’s it, my friend — a thorough overview of the universe of free artificial intelligence technologies.

These tools are your pass to an amazing AI journey, whether you’re a content creator, a tech nerd, or just a tech enthusiast.

Enter, explore, and allow your imagination to run wild.

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