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11 Stunning WordPress AI Design Tools

Given how quickly AI is developing its design capabilities and how new AI design tools are released each week, now is the perfect moment for web developers to learn about and seize the once-futuristic opportunities in the field. We’ve compiled a list of 11 top AI design tools for WordPress to get you started.

Without further ado, here is our selection of carefully considered (and very excellent) options that are currently offered:

  • Designs.AI
  • Bertha.AI
  • 10Web
  • CodeWP
  • Adobe Sensei
  • GPT AI Power
  • AutoDraw
  • Deep Art Effects
  • Let’s Enhance.io
  • Claid.AI
  • Canva

Please be aware that we (WPMU DEV) are not associated with any of these. All we could find from our research was that they were great options.

Furthermore, we are aware of and acknowledge the current controversy surrounding AI. One area where AI can be considered unethical is any artwork that is used without the original artist’s consent or payment. Therefore, knowing how to use AI art as ethically as possible is crucial.

You have to make the decision about who to go with and how to handle the ethical dilemma. Naturally, with this new technology, issues like copywriting, ethics, and legality are still being worked out.

Top AI Design Instruments


With its logo maker, Designs.AI

utilizes more than 10,000 icons from its collection to produce a logo that meets your needs. It creates a logo after analyzing the data about your brand. Choose a full brand identity package that comes with mockups of your business cards, your logo, and a brand narrative.

One noteworthy feature is that it comes with a logo editor, making it easy to adjust your logo as needed.

Text to video conversion is one of Designs.AI’s video editing features. Depending on what you want, it modifies a library of fully licensed assets. You can then make any changes you’d like.

In conclusion, the design maker utilizes a pre-selected template and imputed text. Thousands of variants, unique fonts, and layout ideas are available.


Bertha AI 

does a lot of things, but in terms of design, its Bertha Art feature allows it to generate images from image descriptions.

You get to pick the styles you want to apply to your paintings and graphics. Similarly, you can edit and resize photos as you please.

It’s a plugin that allows you to have cross-functional writing and art for your WordPress designs, and it works well with the main page builders (like Divi and Elementor).

These designs are made for blog posts, banner ads, and images in your website content. Bertha.AI is also a useful tool for brand imaging.


With 10Web

With the aid of AI, you can quickly convert any website (such as Wix or SquareSpace). When the site layout’s URL is added, AI replicates the layout, visual components, and content.

By simply having AI replicate a site, you can edit it from there, saving hours of time and effort. The 10Web platform, which is built on top of Elementor, is used for editing (you can read more about the process here).

It’s a preliminary set of questions about your business that will help you get started with creating a website. Based on your responses, AI then creates images and content.

Furthermore, this AI-powered WordPress platform can automate website building, hosting, and more in a matter of minutes, so you can be sure that it will save you time.

It also includes a tool on 10web for cloning HTML into WordPress themes.



functions by requesting assistance from its AI generator, which will produce something for you. This covers WP_Queries, intricate workflows, WooCommerce PHP, and pretty much any other snippet you could require to support the overall design and functionality of your WordPress website.

You can share, export, and store snippets with specific users or with the public using the CodeWP system. You can manage and browse snippets with ease once they are created.

It’s an excellent piece of software that helps you avoid Google searches and time lost on trial and error. It serves as a useful mentor even if you are not a developer. Alternatively, developers can optimize their productivity.

Because CodeWP AI has been specifically trained for WordPress and WooCommerce, it is an ideal choice for backend development of your design functionality. It’s also expanding quickly, adding new features on a weekly basis.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei strives to use AI to provide the ideal customer experience. It facilitates the use of target marketing technologies, easier creation, and informed decision-making for developers and designers.

Sensei uses real-time intelligence to scale and optimize experiences so that users can make well-informed decisions. It can also forecast consumer behavior based on characteristics, distinctions, and conversion variables.

When designing, you can quickly and precisely produce necessary edits, use intuitive search to locate the right content, and produce photorealistic effects.

When developing a website that promotes goods or services, Sensei assists in eliminating uncertainty from your advertising.

GPT AI Power

GPT AI Power

is an AI plugin that creates forms, content, and images that can be customized.

GPT AI Power has a few special features, like integration in posts and a testing playground. You can use your products and content to train your chatbot.

The image generator makes use of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion content from OpenAI. Hundreds of configurations can be made, allowing you to alter the images to suit your requirements.

There are also a ton of content generators available for languages, blogs, product writing, tone, and other purposes.



is a simple tool that draws images according to what you’re trying to draw. It also employs internal artists, which is a fantastic ethical move.

Despite their simplicity, it’s simple to create images that might go well with any WordPress design you’re attempting to create. It combines machine learning with drawing capabilities on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other devices that support image creation.

It features a suggestion feature that is powered by the same  QuickDraw – to evaluate and infer what you’re attempting to produce. Additionally, if you grant them permission, you are welcome to donate your drawings to them.

Deep Art Effects

Do you need to make original pictures for your website? Deep Art Effects

can, with a few clicks, turn pictures into works of art. With a range of parameters, you can alter the foreground or background.

You can change the brush sizes and styles to reflect the styles of your favorite artists. Their app can be used offline thanks to the 120 pre-installed art styles.

Even grayscale images will be automatically colored by it. For instance, its AI colorization technology allows you to breathe new life into old black-and-white images and videos.

Let’s Enhance.io

Let’s Enhance is a great method for image enhancement.  Let’s Enhance

is an upscaler and image enhancer that employs AI to boost resolution without sacrificing quality. Its sophisticated algorithm will maximize the texture, tone, color, and clarity of images while enlarging them to desired dimensions.

Selecting the desired output size is how it operates. This is ideal for allowing users to zoom in and out with high-quality images on a WordPress eCommerce website.

Let’s Enhance’s automated preset feature helps you save time. This is ideal for eCommerce websites, real estate websites, or any other website that needs multiple identical images.

Additionally, you can tame your images by enhancing their clarity without compromising their size with its Smart Enhance feature.


In terms of companies and producing content that converts,  Claid.AI

is a very useful instrument. These AI products can help you grow your business by automating the creation of images.

You can make several appropriate product images for your brand. It will take plain, uninteresting photos and enhance their quality to make them stand out. You can also maintain consistency by using the same frames and backgrounds.

You can control and improve your images with Claid.AI by adjusting a few variables, which will save you both money and time.



provides a wide range of business solutions, including templates, images, logos, and more. Additionally, their involvement with AI is growing at this time.

They have a free AI image generator that you can use online to create images by adding words and phrases.

You can select the aspect ratio and image style (watercolor, neon, color pencil, etc.). Then, you can adjust saturation, exposure, lighting, and other aspects using their photo editor. Additionally, you can layer using filters and effects.

Create using AI

New and developing AI technology is being developed for WordPress and design as this post is being published. It seems like a novel AI feature is released almost every day. We will therefore undoubtedly go beyond our 11 suggestions. But maybe this post has helped generate some basic concepts that you can utilize with AI’s assistance.

Make sure to frequently check our blog for the most recent updates on artificial intelligence (AI) – as new AI technology continues to emerge in the WordPress realm, so too will new articles about AI continue to be published on our platform!

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