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10 AI Resources that Designers Need to Examine by 2024

To increase their output, inventiveness, design prowess, and conversion rates.

For designers, 2023 was a historic year with to the introduction of several AI solutions that greatly improved our processes and productivity.

With several exciting AI technologies that are poised to transform our job and some that are now accessible and others that are in beta testing, the future appears even more hopeful as we approach 2024.

Let’s get started with these fascinating AI tools right away.

1. Dot

Dot is becoming a necessary tool for all professionals, not just designers.

Imagine having a personal assistant to aid with organization, memory, and day-to-day navigation.

Joining their waitlist is worthwhile. Don’t miss out on the intriguing storytelling that their website employs to highlight their product.

2. Pika Art

Imagine a platform that creates dynamic videos based on your ideas. That’s Pika Art for you; see it as ChatGPT for making videos.

I’m excited to see this product in use since I know it will generate a lot of talk when it launches.

Link to website

3. Stey AI

For my personal website, using Stey AI has changed everything. By enabling you to request specific data directly from the AI, it streamlines the sometimes laborious process of website analytics and offers clear summaries, insights, and practical advise on user experience.

Additionally, it’s free for up to 300 sessions per day right now, which is a great deal for a lot of websites.

Link to website

4. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser, as its name implies, removes undesired objects from photos with ease. Just choose the regions you wish to delete with the brush tool, and presto!

Since this tool is now free and doesn’t even require registration, designers should definitely give it a try.

Link to website

5. Leia Pix

Your 2D photos may be turned into gorgeous 3D animations with Leia Pix. Take a picture, upload it, choose the region to animate, choose an animation style, and watch your image come to life.

Additionally, you start with 300 free credits, which is a generous amount. Expert advice: use ChatGPT and Dall E to generate an image, then use Leia Pix to animate it.

Another great trick is to use Dall E to create an image on ChatGPT and use this tool to animate it.

Link to website

6. Bardeen

Bardeen succeeds in the expanding field of AI automation. Automation is made easier, particularly in the areas of marketing, sales, prospecting, hiring, and data analysis.

Consider automating design-related duties, such as making each employee’s profile image. Just connect Figma to a Google Sheet that contains image URLs. Though unfeasible at this time, it’s an interesting trend to follow.

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7. Save day

When you need to swiftly save, search, and summarize content from Telegram and different browser extensions, Save Day is the app you should use.

It’s a great substitute with upcoming mobile and web apps for designers who gather ideas but don’t often revisit them.

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8. Runwayml

This AI tool contains a plethora of AI magic tools, including Motion Brushes, the ability to create films and photos, stretch images infinitely, reimagine any image, erase objects from videos, and create animated graphics, among many other features.

A must-have for any designer—you can accomplish so much with these tools.

Link to website

9. Gems

Gems is an AI knowledge assistant to get you ready-to-use answers from all your knowledge and quit manual organization for good. By all the knowledge I mean all the software you use at the company and get instant answers.

That really can be an important tool if you are working at a big company.

Also, it’s free to start with but only allows one app integration.

Link to website

10. Spoke

Over the years, messaging and information handling haven’t seen any revolutionary advancements; instead, firms are introducing an increasing number of technologies to handle their responsibilities, which has resulted in disorganized information and a high likelihood that you will miss many crucial communications.

Spoke is attempting to address it with a small amount of AI.

Spoke is a Product Builder’s Priority Inbox. Every tool you need is in one AI-powered inbox.

Link to website

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