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World Bank: Karachi’s transportation system need 15,000 buses

The urgent necessity for Karachi to have a complete public transportation infrastructure has been made clear by a recent World Bank assessment. The analysis reveals a serious shortfall, stating that the city needs 15,000 additional buses to set up a reliable transportation system.

Only 1,029 buses, including 240 from the People’s Bus Service, 100 from the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and 689 older buses run by the private sector, are now in operation in Karachi.

Plans are already in motion to buy 500 more buses for the province in response to this obvious shortage. The report underlines the need for 13,000 additional public transportation buses to close this substantial gap.

Muhammad Younus Dagha, the interim provincial minister of finance, revenue, and planning and development for Sindh, has suggested promoting private sector participation through P3 initiatives as a solution to the problem.

The transportation department is looking into a number of options, such as providing local private transporters with easy loans through an endowment fund that might have zero interest rates and providing lenient loans to local transporters for bus purchases.

These initiatives aim to alleviate Karachi’s transportation woes and enhance mobility for its residents.

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