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The WordPress Executive Director Reflects On 20 Years Of Innovation

Why WordPress is more potent than ever after 20 years as the leading platform, according to an interview with its executive director

Approximately 43% of websites are powered by it, making it by far the most popular content management system.

Will WordPress be able to maintain its position as perhaps the most successful open source project ever? How did WordPress reach this milestone?

About This Article

The original plan for this essay was to compare Duda, WordPress, and Wix.

But as I conversed with the programmers and support staff at each business, I came to understand that each platform excelled at addressing the issues it set out to address.

As a result, what was originally intended to be a single essay about three platforms evolved into a three-part series about each platform separately.

Today, we’ll examine the reasons that web design firms, search marketers, business publications, and e-commerce websites, to name a few, favor WordPress over other content management systems.

In this post, the Executive Director of WordPress, Josepha Haden Chomphosy (LinkedIn), as well as other WordPress partners, discuss why WordPress is so popular.

WordPress Democratized the Internet

The introduction of WordPress democratized online publishing, and arguably became the single most significant innovation to emerge from the Internet. The positive economic impact on millions of people worldwide cannot be overstated.

A strong case could be made that WordPress, a free open source software, is the most important innovation of the Internet age today.

Secret to Success: Make it Easy to Use

The fact that WordPress is intentionally made to be simple to install and get publishing quickly is what has contributed to its success. This serves as the literal foundation for almost all decisions made during the creation of WordPress.

This tenet is stated in the WordPress philosophy’s official declaration, which is as follows:

“Great software should operate with little setup and configuration. With WordPress, you can be fully functional and up and running in about five minutes. It shouldn’t be difficult to use WordPress’ default features.

We put a lot of effort into making sure that every release adheres to this principle. During the setup process, we ask for as little technical information as possible while giving detailed explanations for any questions we do have.

Their commitment to freedom is at the heart of their worldview.

The philosophy website assures WordPress users:

“The flexibility to use the program however you want.
the ability to analyze how the software functions and make desired changes.
the ability to distribute freely.
the ability to give people copies of your updated versions.”

Launched Millions of Businesses

Over the past 20 years, this emphasis on simplicity, independence, and the promotion of an innovation ecosystem has led to the development of millions of websites and the prosperity of millions of enterprises all over the world.

The following is what Kinsta’s Chief Business Officer, Tom Zsomborgi, had to say regarding the effectiveness of WordPress:

Smaller businesses gain a lot from WordPress. When it comes to creating and maintaining a website, their budgets are frequently constrained, and not everyone can afford a developer.

They may use WordPress for free without having to pay a monthly charge, and they can also use the free WooCommerce e-commerce plugin to provide e-commerce features.

Millions of plugins enable businesses to customize WordPress to meet their unique requirements.

Additionally, there isn’t a significant learning curve. It’s simple to learn how to use WordPress.

However, all of these advantages draw not only larger businesses but also enormous media conglomerates.

I’ve seen witnessed a small business with only one product grow into a large online retailer with thousands of products in a matter of years, or a blogger’s humble blog into a popular industry news website.

WordPress Is  Adaptable

WordPress’s adaptability for use cases ranging from basic blogging to e-commerce and even business level publishing is a big factor in its popularity.

WordPress is used by several well-known websites, including TechCrunch, Southern Bancorp, Vogue, Sony Music, and The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.

Jason Cross, SVP of Digital Presence and Commerce at Newfold Digital, the parent company of Bluehost, shared his thoughts on the WordPress publishing platform’s extraordinary versatility.

He shared:

“WordPress offers extensive interoperability with already-in-use technology and quick compatibility with recently-emerging ones.

The greatest benefit of WordPress is its adaptability and the ease with which you can use plugins to add almost any function you can think of.

The open platform enables web developers to create unique functionality if a feature is lacking.

By offering robust all-in-one solutions and the relative easiness that many closed platforms offer, managed WordPress, on the other hand, bridges the best of open-source and proprietary CMS while offering noticeably more control and long-term reliability via open-source software and data formats.

All of the information and code on your website are yours, so you are free to relocate it to another platform or service, switch to a more powerful platform, change domains, create a backup, or upgrade to a more capable platform.

Given the cost, flexibility, and functionality offered by WordPress, you may start off on a cheap shared hosting plan with a minimal barrier to entry.

Once your site picks up in popularity, you can upgrade to a Managed Hosting plan for additional peace of mind and a much of the same functionality a closed platform provides.

Many hosts, Bluehost included, are actively working to simplify the website setup journey.”

Publishers and e-commerce companies can concentrate on creating and selling goods since managed WordPress hosting handles the technical burden traditionally involved with utilizing WordPress.

The managed WordPress hosting company takes care of issues like site speed, automatic backups, hacker protection, software updates, and maintenance.

The incredible versatility of the WordPress publishing platform is demonstrated by the fact that a web host can set up WordPress to have functionality equivalent to that of a closed source system.

Interview With Executive Director of WordPress

To learn more about why so many publishers and developers choose WordPress, we spoke with Josepha Haden Chomphosy, the executive director of WordPress.

WordPress was first popularized as a blogging platform, but it also makes a solid platform for e-commerce, regardless of how basic or complex it has to be.

What kinds of merchants benefit most from creating in WordPress?

WordPress’ goal is to democratize publishing, so businesses of all shapes and sizes may use it to their advantage.

They gain more control and ownership over their brand over time, regardless of whether they use WordPress to develop their complete business—from retail and customer administration to marketing and communications—or as part of a suite of tools.

But if I were to single out just one group, it would have to be small- to medium-sized business owners. They may ensure that their software is here to stay by purchasing high-quality websites and tools at prices that fit every corporate budget.

Can WordPress scale with a busines

WordPress has a number of benefits over competing systems for businesses of all sizes, including tool flexibility and independence.

Regardless of your size or what you’re doing, this software gives you everything you need while allowing you to remove whatever you don’t want.

But in addition to being adaptable, it is unquestionably scalable.

Millions of websites, from blogs to globally renowned businesses and media outlets, are powered by the high-performance platform WordPress, which has strong security standards and receives millions of daily page visits.

This exemplifies WordPress’s strength and reliability as an open source content management system (CMS) and its capacity to scale to meet the demands of the most popular, discerning, and high-volume digital properties.

How does managed hosting add value to WordPress?

From the outside, managed hosting of WordPress has the same benefits as any hosted proprietary solution—namely, the convenience of not managing your own server.

As a bonus, content and configurations made on a managed host are still yours to keep. So you can move your sites from a GDPR-conscious host to a sustainability-conscious host if you want and not have to start over from scratch each time.

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