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8 AI News Items You Probably Missed This Week in AI Updates

Given how quickly developments occur in the field of artificial intelligence, it is simple to overlook some of the most recent developments. Be at ease, though! With a concise summary of all the fascinating AI news from this week, I’ve got you covered!

1. ChatGPT small updates

A few minor improvements to ChatGPT have been made, according to OpenAI.

The most significant updates are ChatGPT suggesting ways to carry on a conversation, Plus users automatically using GPT-4, multiple file uploads with code interpreter, and keyboard shortcuts for quicker work.

Oh, and now you can stay logged in when using ChatGPT (you won’t be logged out every 2 weeks like in the past).

2. Meta would release an AI-powered chatbot with different personas

The Financial Times said that Meta will introduce AI-powered chatbots with various personas, including one that gives consumers travel advice in the manner of a surfer and another that speaks in the manner of Abraham Lincoln. It certainly sounds absurd.

How could Meta act in that way? to increase activity on its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Users will be able to search the platform and get recommendations using the chatbots.

However, Meta is not the first significant business to do this. Snapchat just made its “My AI” AI chatbot available to paying subscribers.

3. Big deals are being made by AI influencers
The exponential increase in AI influencers since ChatGPT’s emergence is nothing new. But it’s incredible that some of them are already earning millions from major partnerships with industry titans.

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